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Railroad employees continue to work in dangerous environments every day, not only due to inherent hazards of the job, but also due to the disregard by railroad companies for employee safety and its lack of furnishing its employees with a place to work that is safe. The accidents and dangers of working on the railroad take an awful toll, costing numerous workers their lives each year and cause countless injuries to those employees who work on the front lines of railroad jobs. Back in the early years of railroading, those who worked hard to build, operate and maintain railroads not only suffered injuries and even death, but were simply replaced with another worker when they got hurt or were killed. Neither they nor their families were compensated for their losses.

Federal Employers’ Liability Act

In 1908, the Federal Employers’ Liability Act, FELA, was established as the first effort for worker compensation to help protect railroad employees and their families. FELA is a law that gives railroad workers and their families the right to seek monetary compensation for damages suffered on the job from railroad companies. Under FELA, railroad employees are able to receive compensation for past and future lost income, medical bills, pain and suffering, among other economic or financial losses. Other than giving railroad employees as well as their families justice with financial damages, FELA also requires railroad companies to provide their employees with reasonably safe places to work. FELA makes the railroad industry have to be accountable for working conditions that are safer or else they are forced to pay due to their negligence, which is a major key to having a successful personal injury claim through FELA. Negligence by the railroad company has to be proven that it caused or led to the cause of the injury to an employee. Once negligence is proven, the railroad then becomes liable for the employee’s damages.

Texas FELA Railroad Attorneys

If you have been injured or a family member killed while working on the railroad, contact Texas Attorney Group as soon as possible. Under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act, railroad workers who are injured on the job have to comply with the time period statute of limitations set by the law in order to receive compensation. By failing to act within the set time period, you could be prevented from seeking compensation for your damages. FELA laws require that lawsuits have to filed within three years from the injury date. Because FELA laws can be very specialized and complex, you will want experienced legal representation. Our affiliated FELA attorneys of Texas Attorney Group are knowledgeable with FELA laws and can determine if you have a valid claim to seek monetary compensation.