Texas Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

One of the most prevalent types of nursing home abuse today is neglect. Nursing home neglect and abuse is too frequently overlooked and leads all too often to general health decline and eventually death of the elderly people who are entrusted to the care of nursing home facilities. This problem can happen anywhere and can occur in many different forms and what makes it even more disheartening is that it can be ignored or overlooked for long periods of time with signs of neglect remaining hidden even after repeated visits by loved ones.

Common Types of Elder Neglect and Abuse

Texas Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

It is important to be aware of the different forms of neglect and abuse by nursing homes. The most obvious is physical neglect. Any of the following types of abuse or neglect warrants an investigation by a knowledgeable nursing home abuse attorney in order to help bring justice to elder victims of abuse and to ensure future safety of all nursing home residents.

Neglect of Basic Needs

Food and water are obvious necessities of life, so it is quite unsettling to know that a common form of nursing home neglect is malnutrition and dehydration. It is also very important for elderly to reside in a clean and safe environment and when this is not provided, it can also be a form of neglect.

Neglect of Personal Hygiene

Often times, it is difficult for elderly residents of nursing homes to maintain standards of personal hygiene without help from staff. Many need help with changing into clean clothes, bathing and grooming. When an elder is neglected, the signs of a decrease in general cleanliness becomes apparent with time.

Neglect of Medical Needs

Most families who entrust their elder’s care to nursing home facilities assume not only their basic needs are being met, but also their medical needs. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Bed sores can be a major problem in nursing facilities and occur when residents remain seated or reclined for great lengths of time and need to be treated to preserve the health of elders. Cuts left untreated can lead to infections and lack of physical activity can result in a quick decline in health. Many elderly residents require daily medication regimens and often times in cases of neglect or abuse, medications are not dispensed regularly and even skipped altogether.

Emotional Neglect

Neglect emotionally can be just as devastating as physical abuse, but can be harder to see than the obvious physical abuse. If a nursing home is understaffed, overburdened employees can easily become stressed and more likely to neglect their duties in providing proper care for their residents. Elderly residents are susceptible to depression and often times need emotional connection and support.

Texas Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Nursing home neglect often goes unnoticed due to an elder’s inability to communicate that the abuse is occurring, either out of shame or embarrassment or out of fear that the abuse will only get worse. Elderly victims of neglect or abuse in a nursing home have legal rights and options available to them. If you suspect an elder family member is being abused or neglected at a nursing home facility, contact Texas Attorney Group so our affiliated Texas Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys can ensure the elderly are getting the care they deserve.