Texas Boat Accident Lawyers

Recreational boating accidents happen most often during the summer months, although they can occur during any time of the year. Boating accidents may happen on lakes, out on the ocean, or the bay. While some boating accidents are minor, others are more serious and result in drowning or severe injuries. Recovering from a severe boat accident injury can be difficult. While there may be varying specific circumstances, mounting medical expenses, physical pain, as well as emotional trauma can all be extremely devastating. The member Texas Boat Accident Lawyers of Texas Attorney Group provide each client with the needed personal attention they deserve, helping their clients obtain fair compensation from negligent parties. They are dedicated to achieving exceptional legal outcomes, as well as to pursuing economic, social, and personal justice.

Common Causes of Boating Accidents

Texas Boat Accident Lawyers

Some of the most common causes of boating accidents according to the United States Coast Guard are:

  • the use of alcohol
  • operator inattention or distraction
  • traveling at excessive speeds
  • not keeping a proper lookout
  • operator inexperience

In 2010, the leading cause of boating crashes in 19% of accidents was alcohol. The types of watercraft most likely to be involved in these kinds of accidents were open motor boats, cabin motor boats, and personal watercraft. The leading cause of boat accident injuries in 2010 was a collision between two boats, and was also the third leading cause of deaths, following boats capsizing, swamping or flooding. Collisions between boats and other objects such as a dock also caused a significant number of injuries and deaths in 2010.

Boating safety education and classes can truly mean the difference between life and death. They teach many related topics such as how to properly use a life jacket among other personal floatation devices. It is estimated that only 6 percent of deaths from boating accidents happened on a boat where there had been at least one passenger trained in boating safety, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

Texas Boat Accident Lawyers Deliver Exceptional Service

At Texas Attorney Group, our experienced affiliated personal injury lawyers are dedicated to achieving exceptional legal outcomes for every client. They make it a priority to ensure that their clients can focus on getting well while they establish a strong case to hold liable those whose negligence was the cause of the accident. To learn how we are able to help you following an injury from a boating accident, call Texas Attorney Group today so we can match you with our affiliated Texas Boat Accident Lawyers.