Texas Brain Injury Lawyers

Our member Texas Brain Injury Lawyers of Texas Attorney Group are currently handling many major injury cases, to include brain injuries, wrongful death and spinal cord injury cases. They know how to get successful results in cases where victims as well as their families’ lives have been dramatically altered by an accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury.

The Main Causes of a Brain Injury

Most injuries to the brain are either hypoxic brain damage, traumatic brain injuries, or are caused by a medical condition. Hypoxic brain injuries are a result from the lack of oxygen to the brain, anoxia. There are a variety of causes of anoxia, including inhalation of smoke from a fire or an explosion, defective products that make excess carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide, near-drowning accidents in water, or medical malpractice such as birth injuries, where anesthesia is given incorrectly during surgery, or where diabetes is incorrectly controlled following a procedure by hospital staff.

Texas Brain Injury Lawyers

Traumatic brain injuries can happen when there is trauma to the head and are broken down into closed head injuries, which is a contusion, a concussion or an intracranial hemorrhage, and open head injuries, which can be a basilar, a depressed, a diastatic, or a linear skull fracture, and a certain kind of closed head injury that is common in situations of rapid deceleration like sports injuries or transportation accidents known as diffuse axonal shearing. Falls were the cause of the majority of the almost 1.7 million traumatic brain injuries Americans suffer each year. Unsurprisingly, the fatal falls are typically workplace injuries such as falls from scaffolding at a construction site.

There are some medical diseases and conditions that can also cause injuries to the brain, most commonly meningitis, encephalitis, tumors, and stroke. If the particular condition was misdiagnosed (very common with a stroke) or treated improperly, then the resulting brain damage could lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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Recovery from an injury to the brain is possible, but even a mild traumatic brain injury can result in permanent damage from which the victim never makes a full recovery. There are benefits available through the government for victims of a brain injury, such as Supplemental Security Income as well as Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, although they are limited. Thus, most victims who suffer a brain injury from an accident caused by the negligence of someone else receives the majority of their care via recovery and compensation that is provided by a brain injury lawsuit. If you or someone you love have suffered an injury to the brain, contact Texas Attorney Group for a confidential evaluation of your case by our experienced affiliated Texas Brain Injury Lawyers.