Texas Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycles usually mean fun and freedom – but sometimes they can cause severe injuries and death. Have you been involved in a motorcycle accident in Texas? Has a loved one died because of a motorcycle accident? Do you want answers regarding how to file an insurance claim, pay your medical bills or recover financial compensation following injuries from a motorcycle accident? Our affiliated personal injury attorneys at Texas Attorney Group can help provide answers to those questions and sort through the confusion and stress that follows a serious motorcycle accident. Our member Texas motorcycle accident lawyers have helped victims of a motorcycle accident like you recover the financial compensation they deserve as well as recover their lives.

Motorcycle Accidents in Texas

Texas Motorcycle Accidents Lawyers

Texas roads are filled with biking enthusiasts. Unfortunately, with more motorcycles on the road, this also means more accidents as well. Each year, many bikers are killed in Texas accidents, and several more suffer serious and disabling injuries. Even though motorcycles comprise only a small percentage of all vehicles traveling the roads, they are a part of more than 1 out of 10 traffic accidents. A Texas motorcycle accident can result in fractures and broken bones; damages to internal organs; traumatic brain injuries; severe lacerations, cuts and road rash; neck, back and spine injuries; paralysis; and wrongful death. Studies have shown that bikers are 35 times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than occupants of other vehicles. This is due to the fact that motorcyclists have lower visibility and higher vulnerability. Sometimes other motor vehicles do not even see an oncoming biker until it is too late.

Determining who was the cause of a motorcycle accident is very important. If the driver of the other vehicle was responsible, that driver could be liable to provide financial compensation for all of your accident-related medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and distress emotionally. Our affiliated Texas motorcycle accident attorneys can help you in gathering the needed evidence to prove the cause of your accident and obtain the compensation you deserve.

While the cause of a Texas motorcycle accident must be determined on a case-by-case basis, there are many factors that are frequently a part of motorcycle crashes. The important thing to remember in any case where the other driver is at fault for causing the accident is that they could be held liable. If defects in road design, potholes or debris on the road caused or helped cause the accident, the party responsible for road maintenance could also be held liable for injuries to the biker or the biker’s family.

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