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At Texas Attorney Group, our member Texas Premises Liability Lawyers help Texas residents who were hurt on another person’s property recover the financial compensation they are entitled. If you or someone you care about has been injured, our lawyers can help with your claim by determining an estimated cost of your damages related to the accident, gathering evidence to assist in proving the property owner is liable for your damages, negotiating settlements with a property owner or their insurance company, and providing sound legal representation in court, if that becomes necessary. Our affiliated Texas Premises Liability Lawyers have successfully handled premises liability cases throughout Texas and are here to speak with you about your case.

Texas Premises Liability Lawyers
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Property owners are obligated to keep their premises secure and safe. The law requires property owners to fix any hazards on their premises, and to make sure their guests are warned adequately of any dangers. When an owner of a property is negligent in keeping their premises safe, and a visitor is hurt as a result, our lawyers may be able to help those who are injured recover monetary compensation for their losses. A property owner can be considered negligent even if they knew or should have known of a potential hazard and did not repair it, or failed to provide sufficient warning about a hazard that was known.

Different levels of care are owed by property owners depending on what type of guest is on their property. Invitees are people who are invited onto the property for commercial benefits of the landowner. An example would be a customer in a department store as the store invites people onto their premises to purchase goods. Invitees are owed the highest level of care by a property owner. Licensees can be family members, friends and any other social guests who are invited onto the property for non-business purposes. With licensees, property owners are only liable for known dangers and not ones they should have known about. Trespassers are owed the least amount of care by a property owner; however, a property owner cannot intentionally place hazards on their property to ward off trespassers.

Texas Premises Liability Lawyers

In a Texas premises liability case, your lawyer will help you recover financial compensation for such damages as medical bills, wages lost, pain and suffering as well as wrongful death in cases that apply. If you or a loved one has experienced an injury on someone else’s property, contact Texas Attorney Group so we can match you with our affiliated Texas Premises Liability Lawyers who can help determine if you have legal recourse.