Alabama Bus Accident Lawsuit Filed After Fairfield Crash

Seven people injured in the February 9, 2015 crash of a MAX bus in Fairfield have filed an Alabama bus accident lawsuit against the Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority (BJCTA) and the bus driver, alleging the driver knowingly operated the bus with an undisclosed medical condition that placed passengers and the public in danger. According to a statement issued on February 13 by BJCTA officials, the transit authority is currently gathering additional information and it is policy not to comment on pending litigation.

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Alabama Bus Accident LawsuitLawsuits Filed; Plaintiffs Allege

The bus ran off the roadway with 19 passengers on board, crashing into a ravine in Fairfield along Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, after witnesses stated the driver suffered “an apparent medical condition.” Five injured riders were joined by two others in filing an Alabama bus accident lawsuit.

In the accident, one plaintiff sustained a crushed leg that had to be partially amputated, and others reported leg, back, neck, and head injuries, causing them to incur medical expenses, mental anguish, and loss of future earning capacity. Among the group’s allegations in the lawsuit:

  • BJCTA negligently entrusted the bus to the driver
  • The driver chose to violate BJCTA policy by ignoring his medical condition
  • The driver operated the bus with knowledge of a medical condition that could directly impact his ability to safely operate the vehicle
  • The transit authority neglected to identify medical conditions that may pose a safety risk to the general public and/or BJCTA passengers

While the investigation continues, attorneys for both parties are in the process of gathering information regarding the circumstances and facts surrounding the incident. Earlier in the week, prior to the filing of the lawsuit, the executive director of BJCTA stated the company’s drivers and mechanics are trained and experienced, and they are also subject to medical screenings to qualify for employment.

The lawsuit, filed three days after the crash in Jefferson County Circuit Court in Bessemer, will provide access to documents the plaintiffs need that may require court orders to obtain, including health and safety records and BJCTA’s procedures and policies. The crash itself is currently under investigation by Fairfield police.

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