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Man in Hospital Room | Alabama Burn Injury Lawyer

Exploding Batteries Burn Student at Alabama School

An Alabama burn injury lawyer notes that an Alabama teenager suffered serious burn injuries after the lithium-ion batteries that a classmate was carrying in his pocket exploded. Similar […]

Wrecked Car | Alabama Car Accident Lawyer

Lawsuit Alleges Alabama Cop At Fault in Fatal Crash

An Alabama car accident lawyer notes the estate of a woman who was killed in a car accident involving a Hanceville police officer is seeking damages from the […]

Alabama Defective Medical Device Lawyers

Alabama Bus Accident Lawsuit Filed After Fairfield Crash

Seven people injured in the February 9, 2015 crash of a MAX bus in Fairfield have filed an Alabama bus accident lawsuit against the Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority (BJCTA) and […]

Trucking Accident Lawsuits

Trucking Accident Lawsuits in Alabama

According to the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) there were 3,921 people killed and 104,000 people injured in 330,000 accidents involving large trucks on the […]

state trooper crash

Three Hurt in State Trooper Crash

An Alabama State Trooper along with two others were injured in a state trooper crash when an semi truck collided with the officer and two vehicles as he conducted a […]

fatal auto accidents in alabama

Top 7 Mistakes Made After a Car Wreck | Alabama Car Wreck Lawyer

Many times after an accident, injured parties make the decision to seek compensation from the party responsible for causing the accident. However, making one or more of the […]

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Traumatic Brain Injury Study Affects Alabama

A recent study cited in Neurology has found mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) may have an impact on a person’s brain matter and cognition. Until this point, most attention has […]

Alabama Traffic Accident

Delayed Gas Explosion Lawsuit Litigation in Alabama

Seven months ago, an explosion caused by what was believed to be a leak in a natural gas pipeline in Birmingham, Alabama destroyed an apartment building, killing one […]

Alabama Personal Injury Attorneys

What is the Difference Between a Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) and a Class Action Lawsuit?

Cases in the America civil justice system generally involve two types of parties: plaintiffs, who file lawsuits, and defendants, against whom lawsuits are filed.  Many lawsuits involve just […]

Alabama trucking accident attorneys

Semi Truck Safety- Concern Grows in Alabama

According to recent reports, truck driver fatigue is believed to have played a vital role in the death of comedian James McNair and may have also caused the injuries sustained […]