Traumatic Brain Injury Study Affects Alabama

Alabama- Traumatic Brain Injury StudyA recent study cited in Neurology has found mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) may have an impact on a person’s brain matter and cognition. Until this point, most attention has been paid to significant brain injuries and the effect they have on prolonged brain damage. However this study has stated that we need to be paying just as much attention to mild and moderate traumatic brain injuries.

Ninety percent of traumatic brain injuries fall in the mild category. That is why the study focused on that aspect of the issue. The study’s author, Andrew Blamire, has stated there is no way of knowing if cognitive problems that occur immediately after a traumatic brain injury will be an ongoing problem.

Forty-four people participated in the study. The control consisted of 33 people. Nine had a moderate traumatic brain injury. Patients were matched closely by age and education level. Researchers found participants with traumatic brain injury to have brain damage to the area responsible for memory and language processes. After a year, most participants with traumatic brain injury had improved cognitive function, but some did not. Remaining damage after a year is considered permanent. The study was the initial step toward a better understanding and the treatment of mild TBI.

NFLPA Lawsuit Regarding Traumatic Brain Injury

The NFL Players Association has a pending lawsuit by former NFL players for failure to provide protection against traumatic brain injuries. The suit alleges that during games and practices repeated concussions and traumatic head impacts were sustained. The players believe that while they were paying thousands of dollars in fees and dues, the Players Association had access to scientific literature about traumatic brain injuries that was concealed from the membership.

The players are seeking financial compensation and medical monitoring for suffering caused by long-term chronic injuries, expenses, financial loss, and intangible losses due to conduct of the NFLPA. Participating in this lawsuit does not affect eligibility to participate in suits against the National Football League.

Traumatic Brain Injury in Alabama

Alabama legislators have addressed the issue in their state. The Alabama Head Injury Foundation worked in conjunction with the Alabama Sports Concussion Task Force in establishing public policy that will improve the care young athletes, who have sustained concussions, receive. Alabama has enacted the Concussion Law, Act 2011-541. Reducing the number of head injuries and avoiding adverse long-term consequences of concussions are the goals of the law. Proper identification on-sight and immediate management and medical attention will be provided. Mental and physical rest should follow. Schools and youth athletic groups are required to provide sports concussion information to athletes and family members. Coaches must be trained to recognize concussion symptoms and immediately remove athletes with suspected concussions. Athletes may not return without a doctor’s release.

Have You Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury?

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