Top 7 Mistakes Made After a Car Wreck | Alabama Car Wreck Lawyer

Alabama Car Wreck Lawyer- Top 7Many times after an accident, injured parties make the decision to seek compensation from the party responsible for causing the accident. However, making one or more of the following seven mistakes could hurt your personal injury lawsuit should you decide to seek legal counsel from an Alabama car wreck lawyer and pursue a claim for compensation against the responsible party:

  1. Refusing medical care. In some cases, a car crash may cause injuries that don’t become apparent until 24 hours or longer following the wreck. If emergency medical care isn’t immediately necessary, you should still make plans to see a physician shortly after the accident. Records of a doctor’s examination can help create documentation of the incident, the injuries you sustained, and the costs of your recovery, which you will need if you decide to pursue a claim.
  2. Losing your cool. A car accident can be stressful as well as frightening. However, remaining calm and proceeding in a professional manner is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Don’t get into an argument or make accusations. Be polite to the other drivers. When police arrive, answer their questions truthfully or to the best of your knowledge. Only provide facts, not opinions, and don’t provide information beyond what the police ask. Most importantly, never admit fault.
  3. Forgetting to document the wreck. Use your cell phone or camera, and take photos of everything, including car damage, position of the cars, damage to street signs, skid marks, the other driver and passengers, the shoulder of the road, and visible injuries. Record the names and contact information of witnesses, passengers, and the other driver. Having photos will be better than having to replay the incident by memory.
  4. Ignoring the police report. You will want to have documentation of the incident if you decide to file a lawsuit, and the first official record will most likely be the police report. Always remember to ask the responding officer when you will receive a copy of the report.
  5. Forgetting to call your insurance company. You can’t expect to receive an insurance settlement for the incident if you forget to pursue a claim. Even if you don’t expect to exceed your deductible, the accident should still be reported to your insurance provider.
  6. Taking the insurance company’s first offer. An insurance adjuster’s job is to settle your claim as fast as possible and for the least amount possible so that he or she can move on to the next case. The adjuster is also required to look out for the insurance provider’s bottom line, so the first offer can often be too low. Always speak to an Alabama car wreck lawyer before signing any paperwork as you could potentially sign away your right to the appropriate monetary damages to which you may be entitled.
  7. Using social media. Keep in mind that defense attorneys and insurance adjusters may attempt to locate your Twitter, Facebook, and related social media accounts, websites, or blogs. While this is rare, they may attempt to look for things that can help them to avoid taking full responsibility for the accident by showing that you’re not as hurt as you claim.

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