Alabama Lawn Mower Accident Attorneys

lawn mower accident attorneysIf you or someone you know has been personally affected by a riding lawn mower accident, if permanent injuries were received the victim may be entitled to compensation from the mower manufacturer. The first step after seeking medical attention is hiring the services of qualified Alabama lawn mower accident attorneys. Thousands of individuals each year are backed over and end up being catastrophically injured from rotating blades of riding mowers. Many of these result in medical complications that end up as long-term.


The psychological and social consequences for victims and families of lawn mower rollover accidents can also be devastating. Although having a riding lawn mower is an advantage to homeowners and landscapers, these machines also present a strong risk of injury. Unfortunately, many of the victims end up being children. Lawn mower accident lawyers in Alabama help victims recover lost wages, medical related expenses, funeral costs, as well as compensation for other hardships including pain and suffering.


Many lawn mower manufacturers attempt to keep production costs lower by not equipping their products with appropriate safety devices such as rollover protective systems. When used on inclines or ditch banks, a riding lawn mower can roll over and crush or pin the operator beneath its weight. Alabama lawn mower accident attorneys are impassioned advocates for mower safety, and focus on helping injured victims receive the compensation they are entitled to. Riding lawn mowers often represent unnecessary tragedies and injuries that could have been avoided if proper safety measures were taken.


Riding lawn mowers were once used exclusively for clearing and cutting commercial properties. Today, many homeowners are using them for maintaining their residential lawns. This increased use has led to a rise in the number of wrongful deaths and injuries that occur annually. Rollover accidents are by far the most common cause. In order to maximize your award and protect your legal rights, it’s important to have experienced Alabama lawn mower accident attorneys working hard on your behalf.


Pursuing product liability claims requires having lawn mower accident lawyers that provide aggressive representation and personalized attention. The Alabama Attorney Group can help you find an attorney that has experience handling cases involving lawn mower rollover accidents against large companies.

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