Alabama Victoza Lawyers Discuss Reported Dangers of Victoza

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Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Victoza is among the most recently approved type 2 diabetes medications known as incretin mimetics. Other drugs in this class include Janumet, Januvia and Byetta. While Victoza has helped many patients to better manage their blood glucose levels, others may consider working with an Alabama Victoza lawyer if they have suffered from serious or adverse side effects during or following treatment.

Although the medication was approved by the FDA in 2010, several of the agency’s panel members expressed concern about Victoza as early as 2009. In 2011, the FDA released a warning in which the agency acknowledged that those living with type 2 diabetes may not benefit from Victoza and that another medication may be more effective for controlling the condition. According to court documents, the FDA received 9,000 adverse event reports from Victoza users in 2012.

Based on the findings of these reports and from clinical trials investigating the medication, those taking Victoza are four times more likely to suffer from acute pancreatitis than patients who chose an alternative drug for type 2 diabetes. According to a report submitted by the FDA panel in 2009, clinical trials of Victoza found 29 instances of prostate cancer, breast cancer and thyroid cancer in patients.

Additionally, other common side effects commonly reported by patients and plaintiffs filing lawsuits include pain, constipation, vomiting, dizziness, sinus complications, swelling, nausea, diarrhea and headaches. While these symptoms are not always serious nor indicative of a severe complication, plaintiffs are filing claims across the U.S., alleging that Victoza caused acute pancreatitis, kidney failure, pancreatic cancer, tumors, renal failure and thyroid cancer as evident by hoarseness, swollen lymph nodes and difficulty swallowing, breathing or speaking.

Experiencing Side Effects? An Alabama Victoza Lawyer Can Help You Today

If you or someone you love are taking Victoza and have been diagnosed with a serious or life-threatening complication such as thyroid cancer, pancreatic cancer, kidney complications or renal failure, the time to act is now. If you neglect to file your claim within the statute of limitations, you may lose your right to recover damages for your injuries. Contact an affiliated Alabama Victoza lawyer at Attorney Group for Alabama today for your free case evaluation and to determine whether you have a valid claim. We will connect you with a professional Alabama Victoza lawyer who will handle your claim and assist you throughout the legal process.