Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed in Drunk Driving Accident in Alabama

Alabama Wrongful Death LawsuitThe pain of losing a loved one is shattering, no matter the circumstance. In the case of wrongful death due to the negligence of another, the anguish can feel like an unrecoverable injustice. While no amount of compensation can heal the pain of an unexpected death, filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the liable party may provide the surviving family with compensation to recover the unexpected costs resulting from the incident.

If your family is grieving the loss of a loved one due to the carelessness or negligence of another, consider seeking legal counsel from Alabama wrongful death attorneys to learn more about your rights. Attorney Group for Alabama can help you to determine if you have a valid claim and connect you with an affiliated attorney who can assist you in filing your wrongful death lawsuit.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed in Drunk Driving Accident

A man was vacationing in Orange Beach when he was struck and killed in a pedestrian accident on March 29, 2014. Police said he was attempting to cross from the south side of a road to the north side. Once he was in the turning lane, he allegedly stopped and waited for a car traveling in the inside eastbound lane to pass. However, when he stepped out of the turn lane, he was hit by a pickup traveling in the outside lane.

The other driver was charged with criminally negligent homicide and driving under the influence of alcohol. After posting an $11,000 bond, he was released two days later. Now, four days after the man’s death, his widow and her brother have filed a wrongful death lawsuit on his behalf in Baldwin County Circuit Court.

The lawsuit accuses the defendant of being impaired by alcohol to the degree that he was unable to safely operate his motor vehicle. Both the defendant and the family declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Importance of Seeking Legal Counsel

Regardless of the cause of the accident, whether it is due to accidents involving vehicles, bicycles, boats, airplanes, buses or defective products, nursing home abuse or construction incidents, if an individual is wrongfully killed due to the negligence of one or more parties, his or her surviving family members may choose to pursue a claim on his or her behalf and it is important for them to seek qualified attorneys to assist them.

In Alabama, the family of the decedent may be entitled to seek compensation for medical bills, loss of wages, funeral or burial expenses, loss of emotional support, loss of benefits and future claims and other damages. However, there are various details in a wrongful death lawsuit that make it important to consult an attorney before attempting to handle a wrongful death lawsuit alone. Additionally, if a family is considering pursuing a claim, it is necessary to do so within the statute of limitations so that their claim will not be barred.

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