E-Cigarette | California Burn Injury Attorney

Burn Victims File Lawsuits Against E-Cig Makers

A California Burn Injury Attorney has filed a lawsuit on behalf of burn victims who claim that an exploding e-cigarette battery caused them to suffer serious injuries.  One […]

Baby Crying | California Zofran Attorneys

Mom Fights To Hold Drug Makers Liable For Generic Brands

Innovator liability rulings in California may help a Massachusetts mother and her attorney convince a judge the makers of a generic drug can be held liable for her […]

Firemen Fighting Fire | California Train Accident Attorneys

Hauling Crude Oil May Be Causing Train Tracks To Fail

California train accident attorneys are aware of a report that suggests crude oil train derailments are becoming more common across the U.S., and that track failure has been […]

Man Looking Worried | Wright Hip Replacement Lawsuit

Man Awarded Millions In Wright Hip Replacement Lawsuit

A jury has awarded millions of dollars to a plaintiff in a Wright hip replacement lawsuit. It was alleged that the man suffered serious injuries after receiving a […]

Bacterial Outbreaks

Safety Study Ordered By FDA After Bacterial Outbreaks

The FDA is ordering three manufacturers of specialized medical scopes to study how the reusable devices are cleaned following a series of life-threatening bacterial outbreaks at U.S. hospitals. […]

Roundup Herbicide and Cancer

Roundup Herbicide And Cancer Officially Linked

Roundup herbicide and cancer will be officially linked, as California’s Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA) has issued plans to list glyphosate, the toxic active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, […]

Semi Truck Crash
Carmen Sorvillo/iStock/Thinkstock

California Semi Truck Crash Claims Two Lives

Trucking accident attorneys note that two people were killed in a California semi truck crash on September 15, 2015. The accident occurred when a semi truck driver plowed […]

Bus Safety Rules
Christian Müller/iStock/Thinkstock

Feds Urge Additional Bus Safety Rules After Semi-Bus Crash

California personal injury lawyers note calls by federal safety officials to enhance bus safety rules after the April 2014 charter bus wreck in California that killed 10 people and […]

birth defects caused by zofran

Birth Defects Caused by Zofran, According to Lawsuit

Zofran attorneys note that the parents of a boy born in California in 2009 claim that their son suffered from birth defects caused by Zofran, an anti-nausea drug […]

Risks of Zofran

Couple Alleges GSK Misled Public About Risks of Zofran

Zofran attorneys note a lawsuit filed by a woman and her husband against drug maker GlaxoSmithKline, alleging that the company misled the public about the risks of Zofran, […]