Why Consider Alternatives to Transvaginal Mesh Surgery?

Florida-Transvaginal Mesh SurgeryTransvaginal mesh surgery has created a number of problems for some Florida women that have filed TVM lawsuits. Side effects reported in the lawsuits claim to be extremely damaging, causing more severe health problems and suffering for the patient. Transvaginal mesh (TVM) products were allowed to pass by the FDA with minimal scrutiny due to a clause that allows companies to bypass human testing and clinical trials if the product is similar to a preexisting product that is already in the public space. TVM was compared to traditional mesh and therefore approved.

Poor Foresight And Side Effects

What the FDA and manufacturers failed to account for was where the mesh was being implanted. The soft vaginal tissues reportedly reacted poorly to the presence of the mesh. Women involved in lawsuits who have had transvaginal mesh surgery allegedly experienced a number of severe side effects. The mesh could cut and tear the soft tissue, cause hemorrhaging, move out of place, erode, cause infections, nerve damage, or urinary problems. Severe pain and painful intercourse are reportedly very common.

According to lawsuits and reports, mesh implanted via transvaginal mesh surgery may not be easy to remove. Doctors sometimes have to perform multiple surgeries to try to remove all of the mesh. The surgery to remove the mesh was not always successful. There are several cases where the mesh could not be extracted completely.

Alternative Treatments For SUI And POP

Other surgical mesh procedures have been used to try to provide additional support for the pelvic region. Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is believed to be caused by weakness of the regional muscles due to childbirth or pregnancy. Varying types of surgical mesh are supposed to provide additional support to help keep organs from descending. A Bladder Sling is another option that is supposed to help women with stress urinary incontinence (SUI) by providing better support and more control. The type of surgical mesh and type of surgery varies depending on specific medical circumstances.

Meshes installed through abdominal incisions appear to have a much better rate of success without as many severe side effects. Temporary pain relief is available through localized Botox injections to force the muscles to relax. Different exercises can be used to strengthen the muscles for women with POP. Doctors have also found reasonable success in using electrical stimulation to force muscles to expand and contract, exercising them and building strength.

Legal Actions For Product Liability

Women from Florida and across the country have filed lawsuits for damages regarding transvaginal mesh surgery. If you have experienced complications or are suffering because of a transvaginal mesh surgery, contact Attorney Group for Florida for a free consultation. If you decide to pursue a claim, Attorney Group for Florida can connect you with an experienced attorney.