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Blitz Gas Can Explosion

Many people throughout the country use portable gas cans for daily purposes and store them somewhere in their homes, garages or sheds, but what most people do not know is how much of a risk they actually pose to unsuspecting victims. Blitz USA has encountered many successful lawsuits involving dangerous Blitz gas cans with their risk of explosion when used for ordinary purposes. If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries due to an exploding gas can, contact Florida Attorney Group today. We will get you matched with experienced Florida Blitz Gas Can lawyers to discuss your case. Our affiliated Florida Blitz Gas Can Lawyers have the experience, resources and knowledge needed to hold large corporations such as Blitz USA accountable for their mistakes that led to your injuries. They will diligently fight to seek monetary compensation to help you and your family cover your injury related expenses.

Portable Gas Container Problems

Common issues with portable gas containers can include:

  • Gas can spouts lacking a flame arrestor. A flame arrestor is a little metal device that has holes that fits into the spout of a gas can. It forces flames to go through a tunnel that is too small for the flames to pass through keeping the remaining gas inside of the can from getting ignited and causing an explosion. This is an easy and inexpensive fix, costing only up to 50 cents.
  • Gas cans lacking child resistant gas caps. This is another easy and inexpensive fix, costing only a few extra cents to replace old caps with child resistant caps.
  • Gas containers lacking proper warnings on the can itself. Portable gas cans often come with warnings molded on the side of the can in the same color as the container making them hard to see, therefore, providing improper warnings. Clearly visible warnings would only cost a few cents more and would prevent many traumatic accidents.
  • Gas containers lacking adequate spill proof closures. The risk of accidental spills is greater when there are not proper closures, which leaves dangerous puddles of gasoline out in the open.

Florida Blitz Gas Can Lawyers

Florida Blitz Gas Can Lawyers

Florida Blitz Gas Can Lawyers fight to protect your rights.