Why Consider a Florida Airplane Accident Lawyer?

Florida Airplane Accident AttorneysAs common as air travel is today, it is expected to double once again over the next two decades. This may further increase the number of airplane accidents resulting from avoidable error, mistakes, or other negligent acts.

Both the circumstances and the outcomes of Florida plane crashes can greatly vary, and there can be many factors an injured party may not consider on their own. That is why, in many types of accidents, Florida airplane accident attorneys representing an injured party can more fully investigate the possible reasons for the crash and help those injured in a plane crash get the compensation they deserve.

Aviation Law and Cases Are Often Complex

Ascertaining liability in airplane accidents is often quite complex. Sometimes, liability can be asserted under more than one law. Occasionally, there can even be disputes over which state’s laws are applicable. The services of a Florida airplane accident lawyer can be instrumental in accomplishing a full and appropriate investigation of your claim. The list of parties that may be held liable in airplane crashes is extensive. Airplane owners, certain airline personnel, commanding agencies, maintenance crews and parts manufacturers may be culpable in a given crash. In some instances, other passengers may even bear responsibility for an airplane accident. Whoever or whatever may be responsible, negligent acts frequently contribute to accidents involving aircraft, and it is important that you understand and seek appropriate compensation from those who have acted negligently.

Although the hi-profile crashes of large commercial aircraft garner attention worldwide, the crashes of smaller aircraft occur with far greater frequency. Some recent Florida airplane accidents illustrate just how varied these crashes can be.

Pilot Swims to Safety

In December 2013, St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue reported an incident in which a Cessna 150 crashed into Boca Ciega Bay. The pilot was attempting to return to Albert Whitted Airport after determining that something was wrong with his plane. The attempt fell short, and the plane went down in the water. In this case, the outcome was positive. The man, a resident of St. Petersburg, was able to swim clear of the wreck. A nearby boater saw him and pulled him from the water. The pilot appeared to have a cut chin and a bump on his head, but he declined medical treatment.

Although the pilot survived the experience, it probably would have been advisable for him to be examined by medical personnel in the aftermath of the event. A more serious underlying head injury could go undetected, creating further complications later. If the plane was later determined to have gone down due to a defective part or negligent maintenance, the proper documentation of injury could become important in filing a lawsuit on the pilot’s behalf.

Fatal Crash in Bay County

In another December crash, this time in Florida’s panhandle, there were more dire consequences. A retired lieutenant colonel in the Air Force was en route to Destin from Palm Beach County to join family for the holidays. Instead, his single-engine plane crashed in Bay County, in a heavily wooded spot. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) launched an investigation in the aftermath of the fatal accident. If a Florida airplane accident lawyer was retained by survivors in such an instance, the attorney and his team would possibly explore how a high-ranking retired Air Force officer would be in such a crash. Again, the possibility of improper maintenance or a defective part would need to be explored.

Plane Crashes Into Home

Earlier in 2013, a 1957 Beechcraft H35 Bonanza was en route from Fort Pierce to Knoxville when the pilot reported to air traffic controllers that there was engine shake and that there was smoke. The pilot attempted to make an emergency landing at Flagler County Airport, according to a statement issued by the Florida Highway Patrol. However, the aircraft did not make it to the airport. Instead, it crashed into a home just east of the facility, only minutes after the pilot’s distress call was first received. The pilot and two passengers did not survive the crash.

The owner of the home made it outside, and she was transported to a local hospital as a precautionary measure. A neighbor and said he heard a “putt, putt, putt” sound before hearing a boom and then seeing flames.

A Florida airplane accident lawyer looking into such a case might look for evidence of stress fractures in the frame of the aircraft, given its age. The maintenance records could also have relevance in understanding what may have caused the crash. The pilot’s statements and the eye witness account might focus attention on the engine in any subsequent investigation. The families of all three individuals lost in the crash might consider litigation if negligent conduct could be claimed to have contributed to the crash. The engine maintenance history could become important in such a case.

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When either you or a loved one are involved in a plane crash, it is important to contact a Florida airplane accident lawyer as soon as possible after the incident. Attorneys can conduct a thorough investigation when evidence is fresh and information is more readily available.

The Florida Attorney Injury Group can draw from knowledge and experience to outline your legal options and your legal rights. One of our affiliated attorneys can work to build a case that has the potential to compensate you for medical bills, pain and suffering and loss of income, all without any upfront cost to you. Such cases can often be complicated and time-consuming, but a Florida airplane accident lawyer understands these realities if there is an ultimately an agreement made to take your case. Contact Attorney Group for Florida today for your free consultation.