Endo Int. Settles Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits for $830 Million

Florida-Endo-Mesh LawsuitsMesh Lawsuits Reach Settlement

In a settlement that hopefully will bring closure to thousands of women in Florida and across the nation who claim to have suffered pain and serious injuries from vaginal mesh implants, Endo International has agreed to pay $830 million to settle lawsuits that have been filed against it by women who used Apogee, Elevate, and Perigee vaginal mesh implants. The implants were manufactured by American Medical Systems, a subsidiary of Endo International, and distributed in Florida and other states across America.

Documents report the settlement will be include approximately 20,000 plaintiffs, or roughly $40,000 per claim. Those seeking additional compensation from the mesh lawsuits may do so if they demonstrate that their injuries were more severe than average or that they had to endure multiple operations in order for the mesh to be successfully removed.

Endo International, which is based in Ireland, noted that the settlement of these vaginal mesh lawsuits was not an admission of liability, saying in a statement that company’s “top priority is the safety and efficacy of its products and supporting the patients and physicians who use them.” In addition, Endo International said it stood behind “the FDA’s recommendations that physicians be well trained and patients fully understand the risks” of products such as vaginal mesh implants.

When used without incident, transvaginal mesh products are supposed to be an effective solution to a condition known as pelvic organ prolapse. The mesh products are intended to hold up and support a woman’s pelvic organs to ensure proper function and to prevent them from sagging and putting pressure on the bladder. Typically, mesh products are made from polyester or polypropylene and are supposed to provide ample support.

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