Fatal Auto Accidents in Florida and Your Legal Options

Among the deadliest auto accident states in the US, Florida has one of the highest medical and work lost costs. $3.16 Billion was spent on medical and work lost costs in Florida. This included medical expenses and lost economic productivity. This information can be found at this source.

Experts believe states can lower fatalities with primary seatbelt laws, mandatory ignition interlock systems for convicted drunk drivers, mandatory motorcycle helmets and booster seats for children up to age 8-years old. Florida has a primary seatbelt law and the ignition interlock system for convicted drivers. The state does not have a restrictive helmet law, but it does require that children use booster seats. In Florida, Governor Rick Scott has pushed through a law against distracted driving, in particular texting, after looking at a four percent jump in auto accidents.

Fatal auto accidents in Florida can result from speeding, drunk driving, falling asleep at the wheel and engaging in distracted driving – including texting while driving. Studies show that distracted drivers are less cognizant of their surroundings and are slower to evaluate changes in the road than even drunk drivers. If that’s true, distracted drivers will face even more restrictions in the future. Additionally, many times impaired drivers are subject to punitive damages for the injuries they cause.

Florida Personal Injury Lawsuits

Personal injury in Florida covers anything that causes physical injury and pain. In an automobile accident, there’s a reasonable possibility of personal injury. Approximately 20 percent of people involved in car accidents suffer injuries. The rate is much higher with motorcycles. With all the fatal auto accidents in Florida, you should contact a Florida personal injury attorney if you’ve been injured in a car accident. You may get a greater settlement with a personal injury attorney representing you.

The likelihood of fatal auto accidents in Florida is greater than in a lot of other states. If you’ve been involved in an accident, you should consider hiring a Florida auto accident attorney. With compensation claims, you have the possibility of returning financially to where you were before the accident. On the other hand, if the other party in the accident acted irrationally or recklessly, you may even be able to win punitive damages that would exceed what you lost financially and hopefully bring a little relief from the pain and suffering brought on by the accident. It’s important to contact a personal injury attorney if you’ve been injured on Florida’s roads.

Medical Costs Associated With Florida Auto Accidents

With the high number of fatal auto accidents in Florida, motorists should familiarize themselves with the State of Florida’s no-fault insurance laws. This knowledge could save them headaches down the road. If you were injured in an automobile accident, consider following these suggestions:

  1. Document all expenses associated with repair of your automobile like auto shop bills, the book value of the car and how much it cost to get a mechanic to determine the car’s condition. Keep the documents handy.
  2. Document all expenses that resulted from your injury, including income lost from work, cost of child care, medical bills, cost of alternative transportation like car rentals and bus passes. You must also consider your pain and suffering.

Lost Work Costs Associated With Florida Auto Accidents

Whenever you are involved in an automobile accident, you must recover a lost work cost. Lost work involves anything that causes a loss in income or lost wages from missing work. With fatal auto accidents in Florida, there’s a possibility that you lost a loved one. A death in the family means a loss of income. You could consult with a personal injury lawyer affiliated with Attorney Group for Florida to determine what legal actions could be taken and what kind of damages you could possibly recover.

Due to these serious damages, it is very important to contact a personal injury lawyer affiliated with Attorney Group for Florida. We can answer any legal questions, and connect the injured party with an attorney, all at no upfront cost to them. Dealing with the aftermath of a fatal auto accident can be overwhelming and confusing, and we want to take confusion out of the equation. So contact Attorney Group for Florida today for your free consultation.