Florida Biomet Hip Lawsuits Filed through Attorney Group for Florida

Florida Biomet hip lawsuits have become commonplace since Biomet created the malfunctioning M2A Magnum Hip implant. This is one of Biomet’s biggest failures, and has led to many patients’ pain and suffering. If you have a Biomet M2A hip replacement and are suffering, then there is a good chance that you can collect money to help get your life back on track. At the same time, there are some things that you should know before entering a lawsuit against Biomet.


While this issue has been talked quite a bit as of late lot due to the number of patients that have been recently affected, it might be surprising to learn that the Magnum Hip was recalled over a decade ago. The FDA issued a warning to the public in 2001 that this implant was faulty for various reasons.

Along with the various issues leading to its recall, the FDA also found that Biomet allegedly knew that the implant didn’t function properly. This was revealed during testing, but they released the product anyway. Nearly every patient that went through the procedure had to get his or her implant replaced within a few years or less because of the implant’s poor construction.


There are various problems with the Biomet M2A hip implant that can cause you great pain or necessitate additional surgeries. One of the major problems is that the Magnum Hip is created entirely from metal. While there are a number of hip implants that use metal, a good implant should use a combination metal and other materials, such as plastic or ceramic. An all-metal construction leads to friction and metal shavings.

The longevity of the Magnum Hip was significantly less than marketed. A good hip replacement should last at least 15 years. Biomet’s product lasted three years at most. Some patients even broke the implant after a few months just from walking and other daily activities.

Side Effects

You’re lucky if the hip implant simply breaks. There have been many side painful side effects linked with this procedure, a few of which are even fatal. The least severe side effects are difficulty walking, minor to moderate swelling, and a minor rash.

You might be surprised to know that the severe side effects are actually more common. Most patients suffer from debilitating pain, a terrible rash that is caused by dying tissue, bone fractures, muscle damage, and implant dislocation.

You also have to worry about metallosis. This occurs when metal ions shave off the implant due to friction, accumulating in the body, entering the bloodstream, and leading to fatal toxicity.

If you suffer from any of these side effects, then you can enter a lawsuit against Biomet. This will help you get a new implant so that the pain and other side effects finally stop affecting you.

Lawsuit Information

This has become a major issue for Biomet, who has currently paid more than $22 million for these lawsuits, a figure is expected to rise as more patients come forward.

Biomet currently has 140 pending lawsuits due to this product. Aside from the recall and investigations, there is another reason why these lawsuits are so successful. Biomet wasn’t technically allowed to release the Magnum Hip to the public. This is because Biomet received approval without human testing because their product was supposed to be similar to other hip implants. This prohibited them from selling the Magnum Hip in the way that they did.

Expected Compensation

No lawsuit is guaranteed, but one of Attorney Group for Florida’s affiliated lawyers will help you figure out how much you are entitled to through legal counsel and an examination of your rights.

Having a lawyer by your side dramatically improves your chances of winning a case. This ensures that everything is filed properly and you will have someone that knows how to get a fair amount for you so that you can get a new hip implant and recover any lost money.

If you wish to join the many Florida Biomet hip lawsuits, contact Attorney Group for Florida immediately. We will connect you with an experienced attorney who can get you on the track towards recovery.