Florida Burn Injury Attorneys Report on Lake County Explosion

Details on the Lake County Gas Plant Explosion

On July 29, 2013 at 11 p.m., an explosion occurred at a propane gas plant in Lake County, Florida. So far, it has been reported that up to seven individuals have been sent to the hospital, four of them in critical condition. A few of those hurt even drove themselves to the local hospital. Initially, there were other workers missing, but before long all the employees of the plant had been accounted for. The company who runs the plant says they typically have between 24 and 26 employees working there overnight. This occurrence has led to Florida burn injury attorneys offering legal counsel to victims of this explosion and others like it.

Luckily, as big as the explosion was, there were no deaths. In addition, Florida burn injury attorneys say that the police do not think there was any deliberate cause to the explosion; rather, they believe it was accidental. In the middle of the night, a few hours after the explosion occurred, all the resulting fires were put out. After that, smoke was still in the air, which caused there to be an evacuation zone within a one-mile radius. The radius was soon lowered to a half-mile, and by the morning all local residents had returned to their homes.

The Proper Course of Action

florida burn injury attorneys

This type of event classifies as a burn and workplace injury, since the explosion occurred at a place of employment. Florida burn injury attorneys are adept at handling the cases that arise after such an incident; speaking with them in a free, no obligation consultation about your unique burn injury and its cause could possibly make you eligible to receive compensation for the harm done to you. Anytime a burn injury occurs it is crucial to seek the legal assistance of Florida burn injury attorneys as soon as possible. The urgency to seek qualified and experienced Florida burn injury attorneys quickly is due to the nature of such injuries and the window of opportunity for seeking compensation. The more time that passes the harder that will be to do.

The Cold Facts on Burn Injuries

When a burn injury occurs, a great deal of analysis is required. A professional investigator must be contacted to answer important questions about what exactly happened. They will be able to tell Florida burn injury attorneys what caused incident, and whether it was deliberate or an accident. Once these questions are answered, Attorney Group for Florida can proceed with the correct legal action against whoever is responsible for your burn injury. Burn injuries can happen at anytime from explosions, fire, or steam. In fact, according to the American Burn Association, there were almost 500,000 burn injury incidents that required medical treatment in 2012.

Additionally, there were about 3,400 deaths resulting from burns and fires in 2012. Out of all the occurrences, that is only about a 4% chance of death. More so, the chances of it occurring to a male over a female is two to one. No matter what the cause is, there is always an opportunity to seek a liability claim through Florida burn injury attorneys This is especially true if the burn injury you received requires long-term treatment, surgery, or any type of rehabilitation. You are most likely not at all responsible for what happened, and someone else should be paying for your recovery.

Florida Burn Injury Attorneys

Medical bills are expensive, so you should contact Attorney Group for Florida. We do what we can get you compensation and to deter the responsible parties from ever letting a preventable accident occur again. You can call Florida burn injury attorneys at anytime, or contact us on our website to set up a no-charge, no-obligation consultation.