Filing Lawsuits After a Florida Construction Accident

Florida construction accidentA Florida construction accident left one worker dead and two more injured, one in critical condition, according to recent media reports. On July 21, 2014, Fort Lauderdale emergency responders were called to the scene of the accident and noted that a connector was not adequately attached to the building. When an operator removed the weight from the unit, it subsequently collapsed and hit the three workers.

Responders to the construction accident scene transported the three victims to a nearby hospital. One complained of headaches and had slight bleeding while another was in critical condition. Unfortunately, the third worker did not make it through the Florida construction accident, and he passed away as a result of complications. Miller Construction and officials continue to investigate the accident and why the beam reportedly fell on top of the workers.

A fellow construction worker noted that these sites can be particularly dangerous as a result of the Domino effect: when one brace falls, it knocks over another and another until it hits a victim. For more information about filing a lawsuit if you or someone you love has been injured due to a potentially faulty product or the negligence of another in an on-the-job accident, contact Attorney Group for Florida today to schedule a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

Common Causes of a Florida Construction Accident

Officials are still attempting to determine the reason behind the Florida construction accident. Miller Construction and county officials are launching two separate investigations to establish the reason of the incident or find evidence of a defective or faulty part manufactured by a third party.  Third party fault is a common cause of Florida workplace accidents. Similarly, if a construction companies fail to implement or reinforce proper safety protocol such as the wearing of hard hats, gloves and glasses, injured individuals may be entitled to pursue a claim against that company for financial compensation.

A construction accident attorney can help victims determine whether a product involved in an accident was defective and failed, making the manufacturer potentially responsible for a victim’s injuries. It is important to note that, while no amount of compensation is guaranteed, Attorney Group for Florida can review your case and help you determine whether you are eligible to recover damages for your injuries.

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