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Florida residents are very familiar with hurricane preparedness. A May 29, 2013 report by the Sun Sentinal indicates that, in the past 100 years, Florida has been stuck by almost 70 hurricanes, with more than half of them considered major hurricanes (Category 3 or above). Hurricanes cause significant damage, as they spawn tornadoes, bring torrential rain, and incite damaging winds. Unfortunately, despite the fact that Florida suffers so often from these powerful and dangerous storms, insurance companies often turn their back on customers, and that is when Florida residents should turn to Florida insurance claims attorneys.

Herald-Tribune Investigation


florida insurance claims attorneysIn 2011, the Herald-Tribune won a Pulitzer Prize for an investigative report regarding the Florida insurance industry. In the article, reporter Paige St. John found that property insurance rates rose more than 350 percent on the coast over a five-year period, and over 2 million policies cancelled, despite the fact that a hurricane had not struck the state in five years. This left many Floridians to purchase insurance from small, untested companies with little backing to insure billions of dollars in property. Should a natural disaster strike Florida, these homeowners would have little recourse but to seek the assistance of Florida insurance claims attorneys.

Other Disasters Cause Problems

Although Florida is often the victim of hurricanes, big storms are not the only problems homeowners face when it comes to filing insurance claims. In fact, the Herald-Tribune reported that some companies that were offering insurance coverage were barely able to cover a home destroyed in a house fire, let alone hundreds of houses destroyed in hurricanes. Many insurance companies, including Allstate and State Farm, no longer sell property insurance in Florida, leaving smaller companies to fill in a gap that will most likely need the intervention of Florida insurance claims attorneys. Florida legislators will discuss the volatile property insurance issue during the second legislative session this year, but changes proposed would increase premiums even further, causing Florida residents to pay more and still need to fight the insurance companies for actions on claims by hiring Florida insurance claims attorneys.

How Florida Insurance Claims Attorneys Can Help

Florida insurance claims attorneys are on the side of the homeowner. They offer knowledge and expertise to guide them through the red tape insurance companies place as obstacles to get claims settled. Florida insurance claims attorneys understand the true value of property, and won’t let an insurance company low-ball clients by attempting to settle for less than that true value. Florida insurance claims attorneys have experience working with those who have suffered after natural disasters, including hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. Statistics show that Miami-Dade County is struck by hurricanes more frequently than any other stretch of the United States coastline. With the last hurricane striking that area being Hurricane Andrew more than 21 years ago, there is little doubt that another major storm could affect the area any time. In addition, in the past 21 years since Hurricane Andrew, the panhandle of Florida has been struck by hurricanes on three different occasions. With these statistics in mind, Florida insurance claims attorneys are ready to assist should one of these powerful and dangerous storms strike Florida in the near future.

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Florida insurance claims attorney have the knowledge, compassion, and ability to get homeowners what they deserve after a disaster strikes their home. Whether attempting to recover from fire, wind or flooding, Florida insurance claims attorneys will fight the insurance company, explain the coverage the homeowner has, investigate damages and deal with the bad faith practices that some unscrupulous insurance companies engage in. Contact Florida insurance claims attorneys today to learn what options are available regarding insurance claims.