Florida Janumet Lawsuit Attorneys Fighting for Victims

Florida Janumet Lawsuit Attorneys

In 2007, the pharmaceutical giant Merck & Company released a wonder drug for treating diabetes. They combined one of their pre-existing blood sugar reducing medicines Januvia (sitagliptin) with metflorim to produce Janumet. Janumet proved to be very successful, and it was hailed as a blockbuster medication in its day. The good news was many patients who took the medicine did report that it empowered them to manage their type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, others experienced dangerous side effects of the medication that were both serious and had the potential to be fatal. This second group of Janumet patients have been forced to seek the assistance of Florida Janumet lawsuit attorneys.

What is the History of Janumet?

Janumet grossed over $1.7 billion in 2012 alone. It followed the success of its parent drug Januvia that pulled in an astonishing $4 billion in revenues for 2012. These two powerhouse medications are two of the top staples in Merck’s lineup of drugs.

The only problem is that Merck is now the defendant in various liability lawsuits as Florida Janumet lawsuit attorneys are arguing that Merck had full knowledge of the possibility that patients could contract pancreatic cancer and pancreatitis as a result of taking Janumet. Merck is also charged with negligence in not running studies to disprove that such diseases were possible side effects. The plaintiffs in the cases charge that Merck decided to satisfy their lust for profits over concerns for your safety as a consumer when they disregarded important and convincing clinical data. Besides this, they did not take measures to sufficiently warn users and medical professionals about the possible harmful and even fatal side effects that the medicine could cause. This is why Florida Janumet lawsuit attorneys became necessary.

What Are the Dangers of Janumet?

The FDA is well aware of the complaints surrounding Janumet. In the time from October 16, 2006 through February 9, 2009, they received 88 different complaints of severe pancretitis from consumers who were taking either Januvia or Janumet. Among those complaints were more serious ones that patients were experiencing a debilitating type of pancreatitis called necrotizing pancreatitis, where their aggravated pancreas begins to self destruct. Others alleged that they suffered from hemorrhagic pancreatitis, where they were bleeding. A number of these plaintiffs have since hired Florida Janumet lawsuit attorneys and begun court cases.

florida janumet lawsuit attorneys

FDA Involvement

The FDA investigated these claims and now admits that an incredible 21% of the reported 88 incidents occurred in only thirty days or less of when the patients started their Januvia or Janumet treatment. More incriminating still, fully 53% of the health problems became resolved when the patients stopped using the medications. As a result of these findings, the FDA deduces that there might be a direct correlation between the two diabetes super drugs and pancreatitis. It is the basis of the case that Florida Janumet lawsuit attorneys have against Merck.

The FDA did not sit idly by but took action. The regulatory body insisted in September of 2009 that Merck include new information on the drug labels that stated there is a risk of developing pancreatitis if you take either Januvia or Janumet. Merck was also made by the FDA to conduct three months of studies on their wonder drugs impacts on the pancreas. They complied and turned in their final report in June of 2011 to the FDA.

This was not the end of the investigation. In February of 2012, the FDA sent notification to Merck that they did not properly comply with the mandatory testing requests. Next, the FDA, along with health officials, commenced a full scale investigation in 2013. They were trying to establish the link between both pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer and taking Janumet, Januvia, and also Byetta and Victoza. Now the complaints against Merck’s one time pharmaceutical champions have grown to literally thousands of medication users who have engaged Florida Janumet lawsuit attorneys, as well as other state’s attorneys, to help them fight for compensation.

How Can Florida Janumet Lawsuit Attorneys Help?

For any of you who have taken Janumet in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, you may have contracted pancreatic cancer or pancreatitis. If you or a loved one are suffering from either of these, you should contact our affiliated Florida Janumet lawsuit attorneys immediately. While this will not solve your health issues, working with Florida Janumet lawsuit attorneys will put you on the road to the compensatory damages that you are due. Contact us today for a free consultation.