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Florida Stryker Hip Recall Attorneys | Stryker Rejuvenate Hip Recalls in Florida

If you’d like to speak with a Florida Stryker Hip Recall Attorneys immediately, feel free to call us 24/7 for a free case review at (888) 888-0612. In mid-2012, Stryker Orthopaedics, based in Michigan with a biotech division in Massachusetts, announced the recall of two artificial hip implants, the Rejuvenate and the ABC II. The recall stemmed from at least 45 patient reports of injuries since the beginning of that year, according to the FDA, that included tissue swelling and subsequent pain in the hip area. Stryker promised a strong effort to correct the medical problems that have been reported with these devices. If you have one of these recalled hip implants, you should stop now and call our Florida Stryker Hip Recall Attorneys for a free, no-strings review of your case.

These Stryker implants are among the increasingly popular MoM (metal on metal) devices and have been touted as superior to any earlier hip replacement systems. The three-part metal implant, made of metals such as cobalt and chromium, replaces the “ball and socket” bone that is found in the natural human hip. In addition, the Stryker implant is advertised as easily adaptable to an individual because the surgeon is able to make a more personalized fit to the patient.

ThFlorida DePuy Hip Recall Attorneyse Stryker recall echoes problems with other MoM hip devices. In 2010, Johnson & Johnson recalled two metal hip replacement systems manufactured by one of its divisions, DePuy Orthopaedics. Problems with metallosis, or metal poisoning, were reported, similar to those concerning the Stryker implants. Trouble follows when the metal parts of the implant rub against each other, causing tiny metal shavings to be absorbed in the patient’s body. That causes inflammation, and if it continues, metallosis may result.

Stryker has also issued a report to those using these hip implant devices to have a medical evaluation even if they are not experiencing pain, swelling, or tenderness in the area. They were advised to seek tests to determine serum metal ion levels and metal hypersensitivity.

An estimated 200,000 or more Americans every year opt for hip replacement surgery. When arthritis or injury causes stiffness or difficulty in walking, hip replacement may be recommended. It is often recommended to elderly people when walking or just standing up is a painful, almost impossible activity. However, many younger, active patients, including those injured in sports mishaps, as well as a more active older group can all benefit from the new innovations of hip replacements and other surgical aids. In surgery, the diseased or injured areas of the hip bone are removed and replaced with artificial parts that fit in much the same manner as the original hip joint. With today’s technology, these artificial parts are able to endure a good deal of stress and strain. However, now the problem is centered not on the ease of movement afforded by the new systems but on the materials used in their manufacture.

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If you and/or loved ones have received a metal-on-metal Stryker hip replacement system and have suffered any injuries or were required to have a new replacement surgery, you should contact FL Stryker Hip Recall Attorneys. You may be entitled to compensation for your ordeal. Florida Stryker Hip Recall Attorneys who take hip replacement cases in Florida are familiar with the rules and regulations that govern these types of lawsuits in the state. They will review your case on a contingency fee arrangement. Your case will be studied at no cost to you, including attorney fees, until you win recovery for your loss and suffering. In order to win your case, your Florida attorney has just one thing to prove: You loss of movement, your pain and swelling, the inability to walk correctly or to stand and sit without difficulty, and possibly the need for another surgery are directly the result of having been implanted with the Stryker Rejuvenate hip.

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