Stryker Hip Lawsuit Update

Stryker Hip LawsuitStryker Hip Lawsuit Update for Florida Residents

Like many individuals around the nation, many Florida residents could be affected by the side effects of the Stryker Rejuvenate hip implants and Stryker ABG II hip stems. And perhaps some Florida residents have also considered filing, or have filed, a Stryker hip lawsuit. Despite the fact that the hip implants and hip stems were recalled two years ago, Stryker hip lawsuit filings continue due to the increasing awareness of injury due to the hip implants allegedly being defective.

An order issued in the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota found Judge Donovan W. Frank approving standardized complaints for multidistrict Stryker hip lawsuit filings. These standardized complaints – which include a short form complaint to detail the individual plaintiff’s claims and a master complaint to list claims common to federally filed claims – will make it easier for Florida residents and others to file their Stryker hip lawsuits in the future.

Stryker recently resolved some Stryker hip lawsuit claims through mediation efforts. According to court records, four claims in New Jersey were settled through early mediation. Despite the settlement of those claims, there are still hundreds of claims from Florida residents and other Stryker patients across the nation that remain unresolved.

In addition, while some cases have been resolved early, there is no guarantee that other settlements will follow. In large-scale multidistrict litigation such as the Stryker hip implant litigation, it is common for a few lawsuits to get through to court as “bellwether” or “test” trials in order to better determine the potential outcome of future trials. These lawsuits enable both plaintiffs and product manufacturers to get a realistic perspective that can help guide negotiations and litigation strategy moving forward. Although the test lawsuits will not necessarily accurately predict how all lawsuits regarding the products will turn out, the test cases can provide significant considerations.

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