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Traumatic Brain Injury- FloridaTraumatic Brain Injury Study and News

The mother of a 15-year-old Florida student has recently filed a lawsuit against Master Academy Charter School, located in Hialeah Gardens. Second Party to the lawsuit is Mega Party Events of Miami, Florida. The lawsuit was the result of the teen suffering a traumatic brain injury while participating in a “spirit day” event at the school. The lawsuit, filed in Miami Dade County, Florida, states that Mega Party Events supplied the girl with an inflatable suit designed specifically for wrestling games but was not administered properly.

Wrestling in an inflatable suit is a sport that is very similar to an ancient Japanese style of wrestling where wrestlers try to push their opponent out of the ring. In America, the sport is slightly different, for it takes place on a mat rather than a circular ring. The girl’s parents alleged the company and school failed to properly secure the teen’s head, for the helmet that was provided did not fit properly.

According to the teen’s attorney, the girl fell backwards several times hitting her head on the ground outside of the mat, resulting in traumatic brain injury. After complaining of nausea, dizziness, and headaches, the teen was later transported to the hospital. The teen now exhibits behavior to that of a small child and communicating with her is extremely difficult. A case similar to this one occurred back in 2007 where a Colorado woman suffered similar injuries while participating in an inflatable sumo game. She was awarded $2 million in damages for the injuries she sustained.

Florida High School Athletes & Traumatic Brain Injury

As of July 1, 2012 Florida Statute 943.0438 instructs all parents, guardians, and students to sign a document highlighting the risks involved in various sporting events, particularly that of concussions and head injury. Professional athletes are not exempt from such injuries either, for the NFL continues to battle lawsuits by players who have alleged that the NFL was aware of the risk of traumatic brain injury to its athletes but chose not to disclose it.

According to a recent study in the journal Neurology, mild or moderate traumatic brain injury can be just as harmful as severe brain injuries. Patients were studied who sustained injuries simply by riding a bicycle or being involved in a slow speed car accident. When analyzed next to individuals who suffered no brain injury, the patients who suffered mild traumatic brain injury received lower scores on memory and thinking skills.

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