Florida Nexplanon Attorneys

Florida Nexplanon Attorneys

Nexplanon is a birth control device developed by the Merk Corporation. It is an implant that is used in the upper portion of the arm just under the skin. It is easily inserted and remains effective for up to three years. Merk claims that it is the most effective birth control on the market; this may be true. However, there are problems that have surfaced that have nothing to do with the effectiveness for birth control and Florida Nexplanon attorneys are gathering information about these harmful side effects.

You may by familiar with Nexplanon, but you may also have used or heard of Implanon. Both devices are essentially the same. Nexplanon has a chemical added to the inside of the device so that it can be easily detected by an X-ray. For the purposes of side effects and the risks associated with using either device, they are the same.

If you have already had one of these devices implanted, you are aware that it is a stick-like implant that takes as little as 30 seconds to slip underneath the skin. This procedure, although quickly performed, is done by a healthcare professional. There are rarely any problems associated with this procedure other than minor bruising. Furthermore, Merk claims that after using this product, it will not affect a woman’s fertility. In fact, no longer than six weeks after discontinuing using of Nexplanon, ovulation will return.

Although Nexplanon has been promoted as the best birth control device on the market, there have been a large number of side effects reported, and you may need to contact Florida Nexplanon attorneys. The Federal Drug Administration approved Nexplanon in 2006, so a body of evidence indicating serious side effects is only now being gathered.

The manufacturer lists several side effects, but none of them are serious. Some women have bleeding and spotting outside of their normal menstrual cycle. There have been reports of acne, weight gain and headaches. What the company does not report, and what Florida Nexplanon attorneys are now investigating, are serious risks associated with using Nexplanon. The most serious side effect is blood clots. This leads to a wide range of effects; in some cases, it can lead to death.

The link between Nexplanon and blood clots has been uncovered by Danish researchers. They studied a group of women who had no history of blood clotting but had been using Nexplanon or its equivalent. The research showed an overall increase of 40 percent in developing blood clots. Although research continues to be done, this study is so alarming that women everywhere should contact their doctors. After talking to your doctor, you should then contact Florida Nexplanon attorneys.

Whether you continue to use Nexplanon or not is your decision, but you need to be aware of the recent research while paying attention to any new health issues you have. You need to document all medical issues that have occurred after you started using this device. Your doctor may advise that you stop using Nexplanon. All documented health issues since using Nexplanon will be helpful to Florida Nexplanon attorneys.

Florida Nexplanon Attorneys

If you have been using Nexplanon, you need to contact Florida Nexplanon attorneys with Attorney Group for Florida. The evidence against Nexplanon as an unsafe medical device is growing. The number of complaints related to the use of Nexplanon is also growing. You are not alone. Together, all those who have allegedly suffered from the use of this device can have their rights protected and asserted with legal action. Florida Nexplanon attorneys affiliated with Attorney Group for Florida will represent all women with one voice. If you are not a resident of this state, that is fine. Contact Attorney Group for Florida today to have your questions answered, find out about your legal rights, and be put in contact with the right attorney for your case, all at no cost to you.