Florida Mirena IUD Attorneys

Mirena IUD

Attorney Group for Florida’s affiliated attorneys are investigating cases on behalf of women who have used the Mirena IUD, intrauterine contraceptive device, and experienced complications. Allegedly, women were not completely informed of the risks and side effects of the device, some of which are very severe. Perforation of organs is among the side effects that have reportedly been associated with the Mirena. It has also been reported that the IUD can move from its original position following insertion, which can perforate the uterine wall or become lodged in the uterus. Mirena may also move into the pelvic area, causing adhesions, perforation of the intestines or scarring. If you or a loved one has suffered side effects after being fitted with the Mirena, you may be eligible to pursue a claim against the Mirena manufacturers for medical costs, pain and suffering and other damages. To find out if you may qualify to receive compensation, contact Attorney Group for Florida today to discuss your case with our experienced Florida Mirena IUD Attorneys.

Complications with the Mirena

There have been many reported cases of perforation of the uterus following insertion of the Mirena IUD. When the uterine wall is perforated by the Mirena, the device can also migrate into the abdominal cavity and possibly puncture the intestines or bladder, which can lead to other dangerous complications such as intestinal obstruction, infections, damaged organs and adhesions or scarring internally. The Mirena has to be surgically removed if it gets embedded or perforates the uterus. If the damage is severe, a total hysterectomy may be necessary. The Mirena IUD has also been linked to other complications to include ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, infertility, peritonitis and pelvic inflammatory disease.

The Mirena IUD has become a popular method of birth control in the United States since it came on the market due to its convenience, especially for those women who have children already. Even though it has been an effective method of birth control for many women, it has also led to serious injuries to many women. The most common injuries associated with this birth control device include dislocation of the device, device expulsion and vaginal hemorrhage. Many of the women who suffered these types of injuries had to be hospitalized and even a few deaths have been reported.

Florida Mirena IUD Attorneys

Our member Florida Mirena IUD Attorneys are currently investigating claims on behalf of women who have experienced severe injuries due to this birth control device. Those injuries include the following:

Florida Mirena IUD Attorneys
  • Uterus perforation, which can lead to adhesions, abscesses and intestinal obstruction
  • Complications and pain from migration of the device
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease, which can damage the uterine and ovarian tissues as well as the fallopian tubes
  • Pregnancy even though the device is in, which can then lead to an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the womb) and infertility
  • Device expulsion

If you or someone you care about has suffered from severe side effects with the Mirena, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation. Contact us today to speak with experienced Florida Mirena IUD attorneys to determine if you qualify.