Florida DePuy ASR Hip Recall Attorneys

Florida DePuy ASR Hip Recall Attorneys

DePuy ASR Recall

When patients receive hip replacements, they are expecting them to last for at least 15 years. Unfortunately, numerous reports from recipients of certain hip implants such as the DePuy ASR hip replacement system revealed early failure rates after only a few years following implantation. In August 2010, a DePuy ASR hip recall was issued due to higher than expected rates for revision surgeries to replace metal on metal hip implant systems. If you are a recipient of a DePuy ASR hip implant and are suffering complications or are worried about possible future issues, contact Attorney Group for Florida today. Our affiliated Florida DePuy ASR hip recall attorneys will evaluate your case to see if you qualify to file a lawsuit and will inform you of your options.

Recipients of ASR hip implants have reportedly been receiving paperwork from the manufacturer of the hip device since 2010. This correspondence could include an offer for funds for revision surgeries and medical therapy, but more than likely does not include an offer sufficient enough to cover additional damages such as pain and suffering, disability and lost income. Thus, it is beneficial to speak with a qualified DePuy ASR hip recall attorneys to be informed of all of your legal options before accepting any funds.

Steps To Follow For Possible DePuy Hip Lawsuit Claimants:

  • Before signing any documentations, speak with qualified hip replacement lawyers.
  • Gather any medical records regarding your ASR hip replacement or revision surgery to give copies of these only to your lawyer.
  • Get more than one opinion before undergoing any DePuy hip revision surgery to make sure it is necessary.
  • Be aware of physicians who discourage you from taking legal action, as some might be funded by DePuy.

An estimated 37,000 recipients of the DePuy Hip Replacement System were affected by this recall in the United States. Our qualified DePuy ASR Hip recall attorneys will inform you of your legal rights in filing a products liability or medical malpractice lawsuit for ASR hip complications.

It is not certain how much will be negotiated in settlements out of court for DePuy hip recall claims, but it has been reported that over $2 billion has been set aside for future litigation costs. Patients who have received a DePuy ASR hip replacement and have suffered complications or those recipients who are worried about possible complications in the future are strongly advised to speak with Florida DePuy ASR hip recall attorneys. The amount of available compensation with a successful hip recall lawsuit is substantially more than what a patient would receive via the standard procedure by the company. Contact Attorney Group for Florida today for a free consultation.