Hercules Tire Recall

Florida Product Liability Attorneys
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After an investigation that revealed a Hercules tire caused a collision that led to a lawsuit in 2012, Hercules Tire & Rubber recalled Hercules All Trac A/T 10-ply Load Range E tires, note Florida product liability attorneys. According to the company, the tires were manufactured in China by Shandong Yongsheng Rubber Group Ltd., and sold for commercial use on light-duty trucks.

Tire Recall

According to reports, potential tread separation problems while the car is in motion, especially in warmer climates, led to a collision that prompted a lawsuit in 2012. Hercules own investigation revealed that the tires manufactured by the Chinese company had an adjustment rate higher than usual, prompting the recall.

In a letter sent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Hercules says that they were served with a lawsuit on September 10, 2012, alleging that a defect in a tire caused a collision. They obtained images of the tire and found that it was one of the All Trac line and determined that there were problems with the line of tires manufactured at the Chinese factory. However, no information was provided regarding injuries sustained in the accident, where the accident occurred or any further details regarding what prompted the lawsuit. This has prompted many Florida product liability attorneys to believe that there may have been many more incidents of tire failure that led to injury.

Tire Problem

The NHTSA letter also explains that the problem occurs after the tires have been in service for approximately two years and are more likely to occur in warmer climates. Considering that Florida has warmer climates than other areas of the country, Florida product liability attorneys feel that it is highly possible that injuries could occur due to this problem. The affected tires may develop in-service belt and tread separations that could lead the driver of the vehicle to lose control of the vehicle, leading to crashes that may injure the driver or passengers in the affected vehicle, as well as those in other vehicles on the road as well.

The types of tires listed in the NHTSA recall letter include the following models:

  • Size LT215/85R16 115/112SE with the DOT Serial Number JEHMECL0909-4010
  • Size LT235/85R16 120/116SE with the DOT Serial Number JEHMECL0409-4010
  • Size LT245/75R16 120/116SE with the DOT Serial Number JEHMECL5008-4010
  • Size LT265/75R16 123/120SE with the DOT Serial Number JEHMECL0509-4010
  • Size LT265/70R17 121/118SE with the DOT Serial Number JEHMECL0909-4010
  • Size LT245/75R17 121/118SE with the DOT Serial Number JEHMECL1009-4010
  • Size LT225/75R16 115/112SE with the DOT Serial Number JEHMECL0909-4010

The tires were sold either black wall or white font on the black wall. Only the 10-ply Load Range E tires are affected by the recall, which were sold to independent distributors throughout the country, who then sold the tires to customers. The letter also said that Hercules would notify owners and replace the tires free of charge, and that the replacement would include mounting and balancing.

A radial tire is similar to a sandwich, with multiple layers that include belts, tread and the cord body. When the belts or tread separate from the tire, even if there is significant tread remaining, it is critical to replace the tire, according to Florida product liability attorneys. The tire may look completely normal, but after removal, it is noticeably no longer round. In some cases the separation appears as a bubble on the side of the tire, or as what in the tire industry is known as a “mole hole.” A mole hole looks similar to a hole in the ground created by a gopher or mole, but is about the size of a fingernail. A separation could lead to a blowout, which is one of the most dangerous problems while travelling on highways. In addition, a tire could throw a steel belt that may severely damage the fender of your vehicle. It is not possible to repair a separation because the integrity of the tire has been compromised. Therefore, the only remedy is replacement.

As noted, a separated tire may appear normal while it is on the vehicle, and the separation not found until the tire is removed. Therefore, it is possible that someone could be riding on a dangerous tire without being aware of the dangers, according to Florida product liability attorneys. With the potential for serious injury from a collision after a blown tire, it is critical to learn whether the tires on a vehicle fall under this recall. If you find out you have these tires, or if a defective tire has already adversely affected you, it is important to contact Attorney Group for Florida for a free consultation to find out if you may have a claim.

When an accident is caused by a defect in a product, a product liability case may be in order. If you or a loved one has been injured, or someone you love has died, after an accident in which a tire failed, you may be eligible for a product liability lawsuit. Contact Attorney Group for Florida today to get your questions answered and find out what legal options you may have. We can also connect you with an experienced Florida product liability attorney that can handle your case.