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Railroad workers were sustaining serious injuries and death at an alarming rate in the 1900s, angering the public and arising demands that the law provide protection for railroad employees and their families. In 1908, the U.S. Congress responded by passing the Federal Employers’ Liability Act, FELA, which is designed to provide strong protection to railroad employees as well as their families. FELA differs from worker’s compensation law, which is pretty much no-fault, in that negligence must be proven in order to win your case. If you have suffered injuries while working on the railroad and are wanting to hire a lawyer, you should know that you do not have to hire a union-designated lawyer. Lawyers affiliated with the union or railroad will most likely pressure a quick settlement to be made that is not the fairest amount to you. If you are wanting to hire an experienced railroad accident attorney, contact Florida Attorney Group so we can match you with qualified FELA lawyers who are not affiliated with the railroad.

Common Injuries Suffered by Railroad Workers

Many jobs within the railroad industry pose dangerous hazards. The continuous pressure of getting the job done fast and efficiently combined with heavy and moving parts often times leads to corners being cut on safety measures and serious injuries happening frequently. Common injuries suffered by railroad workers include the following:


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    Neck and back injuries

  • Injuries from lifting heavy parts
  • Loss of hearing
  • Injuries due to asbestos and/or chemical exposure
  • Knee and shoulder injuries
  • Amputations
  • Burn injuries
  • Slip and fall injuries

Important Tips to Follow If You Are Hurt Working On The Railroad

There are some very important tips you should follow if you are hurt while working on the railroad.

  • You have to report your injuries. Fill out a report for your injury if possible.
  • List all things that might have in any way contributed to your injuries. With FELA, it is required that fault be proven so you need to include all possible causes so the report cannot be used against you later in your case.
  • Inform your coworkers about your injuries and ask that they be witnesses for you.
  • It is not a requirement that you see a company doctor. You should really consider getting checked out by your own doctor who is not biased to diagnose with the company’s best interests in mind.
  • Track all of your expenses associated with your work injury such as wages lost, costs of travel, medical bills, and any other expenses you have had to pay related to your injury.

Railroad Accident Attorneys

Contact Florida Attorney Group if you have suffered injuries while working for the railed and want to discuss your case with a skilled FELA lawyer. Our affiliated FELA attorneys are knowledgeable of the rules that govern injured railroad employees and will ensure that you receive the just and fair compensation you deserve.