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Auto accidents can be traumatic events for all involved and having to deal with injuries, pain and suffering, wages lost and medical bills following the accident can be very stressful. Most victims of car accidents assume insurance companies will do their job by covering such costs while they focus on recovering physically. When you pay your monthly insurance premiums incase accidents like this happen, you expect your insurance company to fulfill their duty by paying what is due without issues. Unfortunately, many victims come to realize that insurance companies try to pay as little amount as possible often involving delay tactics for valid claims. If you are experiencing issues with getting your insurance company to come through when you need them the most, contact Florida Attorney Group so we can match you with skilled auto accident insurance attorneys. Our auto accident insurance attorneys can help determine who was at fault for your accident and if the responsible party has proper liability coverage. If the responsible party is found to be uninsured, insurance attorneys will help you pursue a claim with your own insurance company.

Common Tactics Used By Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are often relied heavily on following an auto accident to help cover medical expenses and/or property damage expenses, so it becomes very frustrating when your insurance company tries to offer a settlement amount that is much too low and unfair. Often times, the goals of insurance companies are to pay as little amount as possible to their claimants for car insurance claims. Unfortunately, even though we pay our monthly premiums in good faith to our insurance companies to ensure we are covered in such circumstances, they often use tactics to maximize their own profits by low balling claimants and are not reliably there for us when we need them the most. Claimants often times accept these low amounts because they trust that their insurance company is looking out for them and is on their side. Low balling means that the insurance company has undervalued a claim on purpose and offered an amount that is unfair. Another common tactic used by insurance companies is denial of claims. In hopes that you will choose to give up making further attempts to pursue a claim, insurance companies will simply deny a claim. If you feel you have a valid claim and received a denial unjustly, ask your insurance company for a document stating their reasons for denial. A third common tactic insurance companies use is a delay in claims. They hope that the longer it takes to process your claim, and the more you have to wait, you will eventually give up dealing with them and accept their low offer.

To get the maximum settlement you deserve, you should have a skilled auto accident insurance lawyer on your side to protect your rights. Our affiliated auto accident insurance attorneys will help ease the additional stressors following your accident by making sure you receive a fair and just insurance settlement so that you can concentrate on your physical recovery.