Negligent Security Lawyers

Negligent Security

It is the duty of property owners of commercial, residential and municipal properties to take reasonable precautions to make sure their residents, guests and visitors are safe. They have the responsibility to provide adequate warnings for any possible dangers that could pose a risk to anyone visiting their property. When insufficient security results in serious injuries or even wrongful death, the owner of the property may be held accountable for the damages suffered. At Florida Attorney Group, we will match you with our experienced affiliated negligent security lawyers who help victims recover financial compensation for such losses as medical bills, wages lost and pain and suffering. They may be able to file a civil lawsuit against property owners if their negligence is the cause of your injuries. Our member lawyers will help protect your rights as a victim of negligent security. They will provide skilled legal representation for your negligent security case and will vigorously pursue maximum monetary compensation to help you recover.

Increased Risks For Criminal Acts on Unsafe Property

Negligent security issues can result in criminal assault cases. The lack of sufficient lighting, security cameras and security systems, locks that are broken on fences, doors, and windows can create an unsafe environment that increases vulnerability to unsuspecting victims. Of course these criminal activities can happen anywhere at any time, but common locations where negligent security measures are more likely to occur include the following:


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    Bars and nightclubs

  • Apartment buildings or grounds
  • Motels and hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Office buildings
  • Shopping centers
  • Parking garages and lots
  • Convenience stores and gas stations
  • College or university campus grounds
  • Hospitals

Common injuries that can happen with negligent security crimes may include injuries from sexual assaults, stab wounds, broken bones, gunshot wounds, injuries to the brain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety disorders. These kinds of injuries may result in temporary or permanent disabilities or even wrongful death.

Negligent Security Lawyers of Florida

If you have been involved in a negligent security crime or lost a loved one due to negligent security, our member attorneys will fight on your behalf to hold the responsible party or parties accountable for your losses in a civil suit. Our dedicated and skilled affiliated negligent security attorneys will diligently work to complete a full review of your circumstances and determine the best legal approach for your case to make sure you can recover all monetary compensation that you deserve.