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Dog Bite Lawsuits


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Each year in the United States, around 5 million people suffer dog bites. Statistics show that one out of six dog bites is severe enough to require the victim to seek medical care. The fifth leading cause of visits to the emergency room for children is dog bites. Many times victims of dog bites are friends or family of the dog’s owner. Although still frightening, in these cases at least it can be determined if the dog is healthy, whereas when strange dogs attack, it can be even more traumatic not knowing what the dog has or where it came from. While some dog bites are minor incidents, some leave lasting disabilities and disfiguring scars. Dog owners have the responsibility to keep their pet away from others, especially if the dog is likely to pose the risk of causing harm to someone else. If you or someone you care about has suffered a dog bite, you should speak with Florida Attorney Group so we can match you with knowledgeable dog bite lawyers who can inform you of your rights as a victim of a dog attack.

After experiencing a dog attack, victims will likely feel shocked and scared. It is important to take certain steps as soon as possible following the attack in order to help protect legal rights of victims. Even if the bite seems to be minor, it is important to get medical attention because even small cuts could lead to serious infections. Other important steps to take after the attack is to find the dog’s owner, let them know of the attack if they do not already know, and get their contact information. The dog attack needs to be reported to the animal control authorities as well as the police department. If there were any witness, get their contact information and if possible take as many photos as you can. Take pictures of the dog, the physical injury site and the location where the attack happened. Save all articles of clothing that was worn when the attack occurred. Any evidence will help your case should you decide to pursue a claim.

Florida Dog Bite Attorneys

Following a dog attack, you should seek legal representation from an experienced dog bite attorney who will be able to help secure financial compensation to cover your expenses related to your dog bite injuries. Severe dog bites can involve expensive medical treatments. Our affiliated dog bite lawyers can help you get the financial support you deserve as a victim of a dog attack.