Florida Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

In the United States alone, 10,000 people experience spinal cord injuries every year. In total, approximately 500,000 people are living with spinal cord injuries. While the severity of spinal cord injuries can vary greatly, many cause severe problems, and some people are unable to perform even basic tasks. Here are a few facts about spinal cord injuries and some of the legal options available to those who have been injured.

What are Spinal Cord Injuries?

The spinal cord is used as a communications hub through which movement and sensation are coordinated. It is the connection between the brain and other parts of the body. The spinal cord is protected by the spine, and it is thick enough to withstand high levels of force. However, it is not impermeable to damage.

Most spinal cord injuries are caused by traumatic events. The spine as well protected, but certain types of damage can cause the spinal cord to become bruised or partially or completely severed. The extent of recovery is difficult to predict, but some people do make a full recovery. Many, however, are less fortunate.

Minor damage can cause temporary symptoms including mild paralysis and numbness. More severe cases can cause full paralysis, and some who have suffered from spinal cord injuries may never be able to walk again. If the injury is high enough on the spine, sufferers may not be able to use their arms or hands.

Is There Legal Recourse? Call Florida Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys today

florida spinal cord injury Attorneys

Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries can lead to lifelong problems, and therapy can be especially expensive. By hiring a spinal cord injury lawyer, those who have suffered because of the actions of others may be able to recoup their expenses and compensation for being unable to work or participate in activities. Florida spinal cord injury Attorneys know how to navigate the legal system and will be able to provide valuable guidance.

Florida Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys can also uncover routes for recouping expenses that may not be obvious, and experienced spinal injury attorneys can help their clients get back to living normal lives. If you or a loved one has suffered from a spinal cord injury due to the actions of another, contact a spinal injury lawyer to learn about your options; spinal injury attorneys know how to navigate the complex legal system, and they may be able to help you get back to living a normal life as quickly as possible.