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Trucks play an important part in the transportation of goods all over the world. However, due to their massive size and weight, they can be one of the most dangerous vehicles to travel the roads. Accidents involving semi trucks, 18-wheelers, large freight carriers and tractor trailers can result in catastrophic injuries and devastating damages even when traveling at slow speeds because of their sheer weight. If you or someone you care about has been involved in a semi truck accident and have suffered injuries, contact Florida Attorney Group so we can get you matched with qualified Florida Truck Accident Attorneys who will provide protection for your legal rights and will help you receive the just compensation you deserve. Hiring a skilled semi truck accident attorney will help you navigate through the complex legalities of an accident claim while building a strong case in determining who was at fault and whom you can receive compensation from. Having experienced and compassionate Florida Truck Accident Attorneys on your side will help alleviate some stressors while you are concentrating on recovering from the accident.

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Common Causes of Semi Truck Accidents

Semi truck accidents can happen in a matter of seconds, out of nowhere, and change the lives of those involved forever. Frequent causes of semi truck accidents include drunk driving, tires that are worn out, driver fatigue, speeding, freight loads that are unsafe and weigh too much. In many cases, the amount a truck driver gets paid is based on how many miles they drive, which pushes them to drive longer hours with minimal breaks leading to tragic accidents. There are laws in place that are supposed to be followed by truck driving companies and their drivers, but unfortunately are often neglected in order to make deadlines and increase the paycheck. Our member Florida Truck Accident Attorneys will determine if the truck driver and/or company was responsible for the accident due to their negligent behavior and will fight to see that they pay for their negligence.

How Florida Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help You

It can be a complex process to determine who was at fault for the accident and who should be held liable for damages suffered. You will have a substantial advantage over the responsible party when you have a skilled and experienced semi truck accident attorney on your side who has the resources to reconstruct the accident scene in order to prove who was responsible for the accident. Let our affiliated Florida Truck Accident Attorneys handle your case in seeking compensation for your injuries and damages. They will diligently fight to protect your rights and obtain maximum monetary compensation to help cover your expenses and pain and suffering.

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