Surgeons Operating | Georgia Bair Hugger Lawyers

Lawsuits: Bair Hugger Warming Blanket Promotes Infections

Dozens of patients are seeking damages from 3M Co., claiming that the company’s Bair Hugger surgical warming blanket caused them to develop serious infections after joint surgery. The […]

Car Wrecked On Highway | Georgia Auto Accident Attorneys

Georgia Trooper May Face Charges In Death Of Two Teens

Georgia auto accident attorneys are waiting to see whether a grand jury will indict a fired Georgia state trooper who allegedly caused a crash that killed two teenagers. […]

Duct Tape Around A Brain | ADHD And Traumatic Brain Injury

Research Suggests A Link Between ADHD And Traumatic Brain Injury

A study suggests there may be a link between attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders (ADHD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI), as it was discovered that children with traumatic brain injuries […]

Georgia Nursing Home Death

FBI Investigating A Georgia Nursing Home Death

Georgia personal injury attorneys note that an Atlanta, Georgia nursing home death is being investigated by  both the FBI and the U.S. Health And Human Services (HHS) Inspector General’s […]

Xarelto Lawsuit Filed

Xarelto Lawsuit Filed in Georgia Federal Court

Xarelto attorneys note a March 2015 lawsuit filed by a man who alleges that he suffered personal injury as a result of taking the blood thinner medication Xarelto. […]

Atlanta plane crash
Péter Gudella/iStock/Thinkstock

Atlanta Plane Crash Kills Four, Stalls Traffic on Interstate

Airplane accident attorneys note a May 8, 2015 CNN report of an Atlanta plane crash on an interstate that killed all four passengers and stalled traffic for hours. […]


Fatal Truck Accident on I-16 Under Investigation

Truck accident attorneys note a tragic early morning accident on April 22, 2105 that claimed the lives of five nursing students. According to a preliminary crash report from […]

Georgia morcellator cancer

Georgia Morcellator Cancer Lawsuit Filed Against Device Maker

A former Georgia mayor filed a morcellator cancer lawsuit in early April 2015 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia alleging that the use […]

airbag recall

Airbag Recall: More Likely For Georgia, Humid States?

Airbag recall lawyers note that Members of Congress are asking questions about a recent announcement by the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) related to airbags manufactured by the […]

Recalled Hip Replacement

Georgia Recalled Hip Replacements Update

Recalled hip replacement devices have been subject to increasing litigation over the past few years, and with almost a half million people having hip replacement surgery in 2011 […]