Kansas Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit


Women who have had repeated pregnancies, childbirths, or those who are of menopausal age may be more likely to develop stress urinary incontinence (SUI) or pelvic organ prolapse (POP), two conditions characterized by a weakened pelvic floor. Although performing daily exercises using internal muscles can help to strengthen this part of the body, many women opt for transvaginal mesh surgeries to support their weakened muscles. In these surgeries, a physician implants a transvaginal mesh device into the woman to reduce the chance that her organs will fall out of place.

Many women across the country are currently pursuing claims against several transvaginal mesh device manufacturers, claiming that these implants caused them to develop severe complications. Attorney Group for Kansas can help you determine if you are eligible to file Kansas transvaginal mesh lawsuit and can inform you of your options.

Risks of Transvaginal Mesh

While the actual surgery to implant a transvaginal mesh device has been a successful method for years, it is the mesh itself that is causing concerns. According to experts, these synthetic materials may not retain their shape for extended periods of time, increasing the risk that the mesh will corrode inside the patient.

Some plaintiffs also claim that the mesh pierced or punctured through their uterine lining as a result of its sharp edges. In these cases, several body parts can be affected, including the bladder, rectum, uterus, and vagina, and the woman may develop infections, bleeding, urinary complications, and pain during intercourse.

In other pending lawsuits, plaintiffs claim that their uterine tissues grew around the mesh, making it nearly impossible for the device to be safely removed by a surgeon. Consequently, several women needed more than one surgery to remove the mesh, resulting in added expenses and recovery time.

If you live in Kansas and you were fitted with a transvaginal mesh implant and suffered from complications, consider filing a Kansas transvaginal mesh lawsuit. Depending on your particular case, you may be eligible to recover damages for lost earnings, pain and suffering, and medical expenses for procedures required to remove or replace the mesh. An attorney can help determine the damages to which you may be entitled and can file a Kansas transvaginal mesh lawsuit on your behalf.

According to court documents, in May 2014, transvaginal mesh lawsuits filed against American Medical Systems (AMS) were reportedly settled. In this multidistrict litigation, plaintiffs alleged that complications caused them to endure pain and suffering, and they are reportedly seeking compensation for their injuries. Settlement documents state that $830 million will resolve 20,000 claims filed on behalf of transvaginal mesh patients. AMS is expected to establish a settlement fund and will provide payments based on documentation such as medical records or other forms of proof that the patient received the company’s product.

Transvaginal Mesh Manufacturers Named as Defendants
While a settlement has been reached with AMS, proceedings continue to move forward as expected against several other transvaginal mesh manufacturers. The following companies have been named as defendants in pending lawsuits across the U.S.:

  • American Medical Systems
  • Boston Scientific Corporation
  • C.R. Bard
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Coloplast

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