Kansas Syngenta Lawsuit

Legal action is being taken in different parts of the United States regarding a Syngenta GMO seed marketed under the name Agrisure Viptera. Lawsuits have been filed in several states, including those who have filed a Kansas Syngenta Lawsuit.

Background of Syngenta GMO Corn

Kansas Syngenta Lawsuit
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Syngenta GMO corn was designed to prevent certain types of pest infestation in corn crops. These include corn borers, black cutworm and corn rootworm. Syngenta spent approximately $200 million developing the GMO trait. In 2010, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, or USDA, approved Syngenta GMO corn seed for planting and cultivation.

Syngenta began an aggressive marketing campaign directed at farmers and others involved in the corn cultivation, production and sales process. The gravamen of the marketing efforts was that China was on the verge of approving Syngenta GMO corn for importation into that country. The promotional pitch was that by planting Syngenta GMO corn and storing it in grain elevators, farmers and others would enjoy tremendous profits when the Chinese market opened up.

Indeed, the CEO of Syngenta went so far as to contend that China was about to approve the importation of Syngenta GMO corn into that country within a matter of days. In response to these promotional efforts, farmers in different locations in the U.S. began aggressively planting Syngenta GMO corn. In addition, grain elevator operators began storing harvested Syngenta GMO corn in significantly large quantities. This process occurred in the state of Kansas.

Despite the anticipated market in China, the opposite occurred. China implemented a no tolerance policy on the Syngenta GMO corn. When the GMO corn was found co-mingled in shipments from the U.S., the Chinese government effectively shut down all corn imports from the U.S. – leaving corn growers in Kansas and throughout the country without its third-largest importer.

Who Qualifies for a Kansas Syngenta Lawsuit?

Several people qualify to file a Kansas Syngenta lawsuit. In fact, most corn farmers in the Sunshine State are eligible. The National Grain and Feed Association estimates losses stemming from the Syngenta GMO corn matter have reached nearly $3 billion. An argument can be made that not only farmers and others involved directly with Syngenta GMO corn have suffered losses. For example, corn futures dropped from $8 a bushel to about $4 a bushel as a result of the Syngenta GMO corn situation with China. This drop effects a much wider group of farmers whose profits were damaged because of the proclamations made by Syngenta officials.

Pursuing a Kansas Syngenta Lawsuit

If you grow corn, you could be eligible to file a Kansas Syngenta Lawsuit. Attorney Group for Kansas is available to help those who have seen their profits drop as a result of China’s ban on GMO corn. Call Attorney Group for Kansas today for an evaluation of your case. There is no out-of-pocket cost to you. If we feel you have a legitimate claim, we can refer you to one of our affiliated attorneys who can file a lawsuit on your behalf.