Kansas Hercules Tire Recall Lawsuit

Dorling Kindersley/Thinkstock
Dorling Kindersley/Thinkstock

Hercules Tire & Rubber recalled its allegedly defective tires in 2012 after it was named as a defendant in a product liability lawsuit. Although the tires were made by Shandong Yongsheng Rubber Group, Hercules was responsible for the marketing, sales, and distribution of its tires throughout the U.S. Contact Attorney Group for Kansas today if you believe that you are eligible to file a Kansas Hercules tire recall lawsuit. There is no cost to speak with us, and we can help you determine if you are entitled to seek compensation for your injuries.

What is the Hercules Tire Recall?

Purchasers of the Hercules tires involved in the recall allege that the tread may separate from the actual tire, a problem that most likely occurs while the vehicle is moving and may cause devastating injuries or even death. According to the manufacturers, the tires were designed for light duty trucks for commercial use, and the risk of the tread separating from the tire is actually greater in warmer climates. Before the Hercules tire recall was issued, the manufacturer analyzed data and photos from a car accident that was allegedly caused by the potentially defective tires.

The manufacturer stated that the possibility of tread separation might be present two years or longer after the vehicle is fitted with the products. If the tread does, in fact, separate from the tire, a driver may lose control of his or her car, steer or swerve into oncoming traffic, and hit a pedestrian or another car. If you believe you have been involved in a car accident that occurred because the tire’s tread separated from the actual wheel, you may be eligible to file a Kansas Hercules tire recall lawsuit.

Potential Dangers

According to the manufacturer, the current Hercules tire recall only pertains to the 10-ply Load Range E units that were shipped across the country to wholesalers. Hercules has stated that it will replace the tires at no cost to the consumer and will provide mounting and balancing services for affected customers for no additional charge.

It is important to check your vehicle because an affected tire may appear to be undamaged. Sometimes a bubble can develop on the tire, increasing the likelihood that the tire would blowout and decreasing the driver’s ability to maintain control of his or her vehicle. If you would like to determine whether you are eligible to file a Kansas Hercules tire recall lawsuit, consider seeking legal counsel today.

Learn More about Filing a Kansas Hercules Tire Recall Lawsuit

Since it may be difficult to tell whether your tires are defective until you are involved in an accident, it is important to research the model of your tire to determine whether your vehicle is at risk. If you or someone you love has been injured and you wish to learn more about filing a Kansas Hercules tire recall lawsuit, Attorney Group for Kansas can help. We can review your case in a free, no-obligation consultation and help determine if you are eligible to file a Kansas Hercules tire recall lawsuit. If you are, we can connect you with an affiliated attorney who can file your Kansas Hercules tire recall lawsuit and help you seek the compensation to which you may be entitled. Call today.