Kansas Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Kansas Nursing Home Abuse AttorneyNursing home neglect and abuse occurs in the U.S. each day. Making the decision to place an elderly relative in a home is heart-wrenching, and family members would like to believe that their loved ones are receiving the best care possible. In reality, thousands of individuals suffer from nursing home abuse, and family members may or may not be aware of the truth behind their loved one’s living conditions.

An estimated 2.1 million individuals suffer from elder abuse in the U.S. each year. However, it is believed that for every one case that is reported involving nursing home abuse, five additional cases may go undetected. Abuse can manifest in many forms, including emotional, sexual, financial, and physical. Contact a Kansas nursing home abuse attorney today if you notice one or more of the following signs of abuse:

  • Terrorizing, mocking, isolating, ignoring, intimidating, or humiliating
  • Bleeding or bruises around the genitals or bloody undergarments
  • Stolen money, forged signatures, identity theft, unauthorized withdrawals, or the misuse of credit cards or accounts
  • Unexplained cuts or bruises, broken bones, or torn or bloody clothing

A Kansas nursing home abuse attorney can gather evidence, speak with you and your loved one, conduct interviews, and investigate the facility to determine whether nursing home abuse was a factor in your loved one’s condition. Additionally, a Kansas nursing home abuse attorney can also help you file a lawsuit to seek compensation for medical expenses and pain and suffering that may result following neglect or mistreatment.

You may also be entitled to pursue a wrongful death claim against those responsible if a loved one passes away from complications resulting from senior citizen abuse. Overdosing on medication, providing improper medication, or physical harm that causes internal bleeding are all occurrences that can lead to death, so it is important to seek legal counsel today if you believe your loved one is being mistreated.

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