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Kansas Premesis Liability AttorneyProperty owners have the legal responsibility to ensure that their premises do not pose a risk of danger and are reasonably safe. However, should an attack, assault, or theft occur at a home or business, the property owner may be faced with a premises liability lawsuit if it is determined that he or she neglected to take the appropriate measures to reduce the chance of harm.

While state, local, and federal laws may vary regarding the obligations of property owners, the basic foundation is that these individuals must keep their grounds and buildings reasonably safe for both authorized visitors and patrons who may be conducting business at an establishment. If you believe you have a premises liability case after you were injured due to a staircase accident, insufficient security, a slip and fall incident, electrocution, or a defective sidewalk, consider seeking legal counsel from a Kansas premises liability attorney today.

According to statistics, slip and fall accidents are the most commonly alleged claim in premises liability cases, and these incidents can occur as a result of:

  • Cracked sidewalks
  • Poor lighting
  • Poor weather conditions that result in ice, sleet, or rain
  • Uneven floors or steps
  • Lack of secure areas around swimming pools and patios
  • Torn carpet
  • Slippery or wet floors
  • Broken stair rails

Additionally, there may be more than one factor that contributes to a slip and fall accident. Contact a Kansas premises liability attorney if you were injured in a slip and fall or if you feel as though you have a case against a property owner. You may be entitled to hold him or her responsible for knowingly violating building codes, using defective electrical wiring, leaving water or snow on walkways, or for choosing poor construction materials.

Property owners must regularly inspect the properties and buildings, take note of any defects that could result in an injury and take the appropriate steps to fix these problems as soon as possible. Should he or she fail to do so in a timely manner and an individual is harmed, the property owner may be responsible for the damages or injuries sustained.

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