Product Liability

Kansas Product Liability AttorneyConsumers have the right to expect that any product they purchase or use is safe and free of known dangers. Additionally, if a product can cause injuries or death, a consumer has a right to be aware of this prior to using the device. However, consumers are often injured by defective products, or products that were either improperly manufactured or designed with flaws. In these cases, consumers may be entitled to pursue a claim against the manufacturer to seek compensation for their injuries.

A Kansas product liability attorney can review the circumstances surrounding your injury and your use of the product. Additionally, you will need to determine who should be held responsible for the manufacturing and design of the product. The retailers that sold the product may also be liable and may be required to compensate you for the damages you incurred. Defective products can be anything purchased by a consumer such as boats, lights, medications, airplanes, cribs, machinery, vehicles, high chairs, and child seats.

Should a manufacturer have evidence that one of its products could potentially cause harm to a consumer if he or she uses it in a certain way, the company is required to note this on the product’s warning labels or in its instructions. Many personal injury cases could have been avoided if a consumer had been adequately and properly warned by the manufacturer or retailer. Contact a Kansas product liability attorney today to learn more about your legal options and whether you have a product liability claim.

In some product liability lawsuits, plaintiffs allege that while the product did function as the manufacturer intended, the product was defectively designed and caused injury. For example, a light may turn off and on as expected, but if there is faulty wiring, the light could pose a fire hazard. Instead of selling a potentially defective product, a manufacturer is responsible for redesigning the product to reduce the chance that the device will cause harm. In cases where the product is already available on the market, the manufacturer may likely issue a recall to remove the affected devices and warn the public of the possible dangers.

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