Kansas Whistleblower Lawyer

Reporting cases of fraud that may have been committed against the government in a qui tam lawsuit is often considered to be an important service to the public. While the whistleblowers who file these lawsuits may be entitled to financial rewards, they may also be faced with retaliation from the individual or entity they alleged to be fraudulent. Contact Attorney Group for Kansas today for more information if you believe that you have a case and would like more information about bringing an instance of fraud to the government’s attention.

Laws like the False Claims Act exist to protect whistleblowers from retaliation. If an employer harasses a whistleblower for bringing the alleged misconduct to light, the employer may be required to provide the whistleblower with financial compensation for his or her attorneys’ fees and back pay if the employer wrongfully terminated the employee after the qui tam lawsuit was filed.
Kansas whistleblower lawyer
Successful cases may entitle the whistleblower to 15 to 30 percent of the government’s recovery. Some examples of allegations in qui tam lawsuits include:

  • A person or entity who overcharges the government for products or services and then fails to deliver those products or services
  • A person or entity who makes false claims or statements to avoid paying a valid debt to the government
  • A person or entity who makes false claims or statements to receive money to which they are not entitled from the government

You may wish to work with a Kansas whistleblower lawyer to file a qui tam lawsuit if you believe that you possess information proving your employer or another party is knowingly and willfully deceiving the government. While you may wish to bring about a case on your own, a Kansas whistleblower lawyer can help protect your legal options and assist you in recovering the financial reward to which you may be entitled.

Consider Working With a Kansas Whistleblower Lawyer

Attorney Group for Kansas is currently providing free, no-obligation consultations to those who believe they have information related to fraud committed against the government. If you would like to learn more about your options and how to go about filing a qui tam lawsuit, contact Attorney Group for Kansas today. We can help answer your questions and connect you with an affiliated Kansas whistleblower lawyer if it is determined that you have a case. Call today.