Kansas Birth Injury Attorney

Kansas Birth Injury AttorneyDuring childbirth, it is important that the attending physician carefully monitor both the baby and the mother to prevent and handle fetal distress, hypoxia, or other complications that can arise during the process. If a doctor is not careful, nerve damage, cerebral palsy, brain damage, and even death may occur. Contact Attorney Group for Kansas today if you feel as though your child suffered injuries due to the irresponsibility or neglect of your physician.

An abnormal birthing presentation, prolonged labor, prematurity, large babies, or a mother with a small pelvis are several conditions that may make the birthing process more difficulty. One of the most severe complication that can occur during childbirth is a lack of oxygen to the baby, causing him or her from cerebral palsy. Other birth injuries include bruising, hemorrhage, brain injury, fractured bones, facial paralysis, and swelling of the scalp.

A Kansas birth injury attorney can seek out medical experts to help provide evidence to support your claim. Additionally, he or she may be able to connect you with physicians who can help to interpret the issues at hand so that both you and the other party thoroughly understand the circumstances surrounding the incident. It is important to seek legal counsel from a Kansas birth injury attorney who understands how the mother’s overall health, the medical instruments used, the position of the baby, and the timing of the delivery can cause complications during delivery.

Medical malpractice and personal injury lawsuits can become complex, particularly if the plaintiff does not thoroughly understand the medical terms, complications, and future impacts of his or her child’s condition. For this reason, a Kansas birth injury attorney can be helpful to your case because he or she can procure documentation and evidence and determine the long-term prognosis for your child’s future needs in housing, personal care, rehabilitation, and medical care.

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Parents who are eagerly anticipating the birth of their child expect that their physician will do everything in his or her power to ensure that the newborn is safe and healthy. However, if a doctor is negligent and his or her actions cause an injury to the child, parents may be entitled to work with a Kansas birth injury attorney to seek compensation for their child’s condition. Contact Attorney Group for Kansas today to determine if you are entitled to hold your physician responsible for a birth injury. We can connect you with an affiliated Kansas birth injury attorney who can work with you throughout the legal process. Call today.