Kansas Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Kansas Motorcycle Accident AttorneyMotorcycle accidents can cause devastating, severe, and permanent damages for both those injured and their family members. A Kansas motorcycle accident attorney can help victims to recover compensation for their injuries if it can be proven that the motorcycle accident resulted from the fault or negligence of another party.

The most common cause of motorcycle accidents is driver negligence, including speeding, failing to yield when required, tailgating, neglecting to leave enough room in between two vehicles, and driving while distracted. Motorists may risk a motorcycle accident should they try to cut off or swerve in front of motorcyclists or if they are driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

The injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents are often more devastating than those in traditional passenger car accidents since there is little to protect a motorcyclist from harm. Common injuries include death, head trauma, paralysis, brain damage, disfigurement, neck or spinal cord injuries, or bone fractures.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident and wish to pursue a claim for compensation, you should work with a Kansas motorcycle accident attorney. In many cases, you may be eligible to hold more than one party responsible for your injuries or damages that occurred as a result of the accident, including the:

  • Rental shop that leased the motorcycle
  • Retailer or manufacturer of safety equipment such as a helmet
  • Manufacturer of the motorcycle parts
  • Other driver or motorist
  • Government entity responsible for the construction, design, and maintenance of the road
  • Mechanic responsible for inspecting and maintaining the motorcycle

For example, if you were riding your motorcycle and a car struck you while speeding, you may be able to hold not only the driver responsible for failing to adhere to posted speed limits, but if your helmet cracks, breaks, or otherwise fails to protect you in a reasonable manner, you may be entitled to hold the manufacturer of the helmet liable as well.

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