Fatal Big Rig Accident Results in Manslaughter Charge

Semi truck accident attorneys note a May 13, 2015 big rig accident that killed a Kentucky woman and resulted in criminal charges against the truck driver. In similar accidents in Kentucky and other states, civil suits may be filed that allege negligence on part of the driver and seek compensation for injuries, but they are distinct from any criminal charges an at-fault driver may face.

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Accident Allegedly Caused By Use of Cell Phone

The May 13 big rig accident, reported by local news, highlights the potential for fatal injuries in truck accidents. According to witnesses, a semi-truck driver approaching slowed traffic failed to decrease its speed and struck the vehicle directly in front of him. The impact pushed that vehicle into another, which ultimate resulted in a chain-reaction crash involving five vehicles.

A total of four people were injured in the accident, including a Kentucky woman that was killed. The other three who were injured were taken to a local hospital for treatment. After an investigation into the cause of the accident, police believe that the driver of the semi truck was using his cell phone immediately before the accident occurred. He has reportedly been charged with multiple felony offenses, including reckless manslaughter.

Those Injured May Be Entitled to Compensation

People who are injured in a big rig accident caused by the negligence of another may be entitled to compensation, or damages, resulting from their injuries. Damages that can be recovered include past and future medical expenses, past and future pain and suffering, and lost income and earning capacity. For those killed in big rig accidents, family members may be able to pursue claims for wrongful death damages, including loss of companionship, mental anguish resulting from the loss of a loved one, and loss of financial support.

Criminal charges brought against a negligent driver rarely have any impact on a civil claim for damages. Criminal proceedings, which seek to punish a wrongdoer, are distinct from civil actions, where an injured party seeks money from an at fault as compensation for injuries and damages.

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