Talcum Powder | Kentucky Talcum Powder Attorney

Report: Studies Show Talc Use Linked to Ovarian Cancer

A Kentucky talcum powder attorney notes that multiple women claim they were not warned about a possible link between talc powder and cancer. Several studies involving the popular product […]

Sad Woman | Kentucky Talcum Powder Lawyer

Lawsuits: Johnson & Johnson Failed to Disclose Ovarian Cancer Risk

A Kentucky talcum powder lawyer notes that several studies suggest a link between regular use of the popular cosmetic product and ovarian cancer. Lawsuits allege that women who […]

Surgeons | Kentucky IVC Filter Lawyer

Lawsuits: Temporary IVC Filters Could Put Patients at Risk

A Kentucky IVC filter lawyer notes that over 750 people who received temporary inferior vena cava filters to prevent blood clots are now seeking damages from the makers […]

Airbag | Kentucky Airbag Injury Lawyer

Report: Recalled Takata Airbag Linked to Teen’s Death

A Kentucky airbag injury lawyer notes that the tragic death of a Texas teenager has been allegedly tied to faulty airbags produced by auto parts company Takata. These […]

Asbestos Danger | Kentucky Asbestos Cancer Lawyer

Undetected Asbestos Allegedly Leads to Schoolteacher’s Death

A Kentucky asbestos cancer lawyer notes that a school teacher developed cancer after spending years exposed to undetected asbestos in the workplace. A schoolteacher allegedly developed cancer unknowingly, […]

Selection of tires | Kentucky Defective Tire Lawyer

Safety Advocates Try to Educate Consumers About Tire Safety

A Kentucky defective tire lawyer notes that safety advocates have raised concerns over old or used tires being sold to consumers as new. People who have been injured […]

Bicycle hit by a car | Kentucky Bicycle Injury Lawyer

$4.5 Million Sought In Kentucky Bicycle Accident Lawsuit

A Kentucky bicycle injury lawyer notes that charges of mishandling an automotive insurance policy and a failure to adequately compensate a bicycle accident victim and his wife are […]

Image of a Semi Truck | Kentucky Semi Accident Attorney

Safety Advocates Call For Stricter Rules To Curb Semi Crashes

A Kentucky semi accident attorney notes that in light of an ongoing increase in semi truck crashes and fatalities, safety advocates are demanding stricter oversight of the trucking […]

Bags of Blood | Kentucky Pradaxa Attorney

Report: FDA’s Pradaxa Drug Approval Process Substandard

A Kentucky Pradaxa attorney notes a report claiming the FDA overlooked many red flags during the Pradaxa approval process. Lawsuits allege that the blood thinning medication has led […]

Estill Landfill Radioactive Waste Lawsuit

Estill County Landfill: Radioactive Waste Dumped, Lawsuit Expected

An Estill Landfill radioactive waste lawsuit is expected following reports that up to 1,800 tons of the material were illegally dumped in the Kentucky landfill between July and […]