Estill County Landfill: Radioactive Waste Dumped, Lawsuit Expected

An Estill Landfill radioactive waste lawsuit is expected following reports that up to 1,800 tons of the material were illegally dumped in the Kentucky landfill between July and November 2015. The landfill is across the street from a middle school and a high school. Affected residents may be able to seek compensation for damages with the help of Kentucky civil litigation attorneys.

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Radioactive By-Product of Oil and Gas Drilling Illegally Dumped Near School

An article on states that 1,600 to 1,800 tons of low-level radioactive waste was dumped in the Blue Ridge Landfill in Estill County, Kentucky. The dangerous material, a by-product from oil and gas-drilling activities, was produced in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. The waste was then shipped to Kentucky for disposal.

According to, the Kentucky Division Of Waste Management said that the radioactive material was dumped illegally in the Estill County landfill, which is located across the street from the Estill County Middle and High School. County officials said that no one from the state had contacted the school or county about dumping the materials.

State officials are still trying to determine whether the radioactive material, as buried, poses a public health concern. Additionally, it is currently undetermined whether leaving the material in place or removing it poses a bigger risk to citizens.

In addition to potential health hazards, it is expected that the presence of radioactive material will have an impact on the value of real estate in the vicinity of the landfill.

How An Estill Landfill Radioactive Waste Lawsuit Can Help

When a government or private actor causes environmental damage, affected residents may be eligible to recover compensation. Depreciation of land values, loss of business income, or perhaps even health issued related to the environmental harm may cause impacted residents to be eligible to recover compensation for their losses.

Affected residents are encouraged to speak with an attorney to determine their options for filing an Estill Landfill radioactive waste lawsuit

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